Can You Win Big At Online Slots

Gamblers often wonder whether it is really possible to win big with online slots, and if so how?

is it possible to win big with online slots
Can You Win Big At Online Slots

Whether it is a massive jackpot or a gameplay feature that leads to large cash prizes, online casino slots always have a promise of big returns. These small fortunes are locked behind a complex algorithm where only the luckiest of players have a shot at winning these rare prizes.

This article talks about how much you can take home from certain online slot games and how you can increase your chances of winning the biggest jackpots.

How Much Can You Win At Online Slots

Stacks of cash next to gold coins

Winning a lot of money with online slots comes down to a couple of elements: return-to-player, volatility, and jackpots. To make sure the money paid out is actual cash, find real money casinos.

Due To RTP & Volatility

Lucky players who win big slots prize tend to walk home with just a few dollars or more than a thousand at certain times. This is attributed to the online slot variance rate that determines a game's risk-vs-reward factor, alongside the slot RTP rate.

Low to medium variance rates usually results in a slight increase in your initial bankroll. Those who are favored by the online slot's RNG with a mid volatility rate can win more than double their starting budget.

Not all RNG games are created equal, some RNG games do pay a lot more than others by design. It is important to note that one slot title in both land-based and online casinos has the same odds since both versions have the same RTP and volatility. On the other hand, finding the right RTP and variance rate is one way for you to win an online slot major payouts.

Due To Jackpots

Those who won a small fortune, often a million dollars or more, are the rarest kinds of players who triggered the biggest possible jackpot of an online progressive slot with a high variance rate. Progressive online casino games have jackpot payouts that grow each time a player spins the reels.

Remember that slot jackpots have implied odds that describe how likely players are to win them. When players around the world are spending money on a progressive game, that jackpot can easily reach a million dollars. However, the extreme volatility of these slots makes winning their jackpot a massive long-shot chance.

In slots, volatility is essentially the mathematical choice made by the game studio between frequent but small wins, and rarer but bigger wins (i.e., jackpots). These jackpots are also present among land-based casinos that offer progressive slot machines. This makes both land-based and online casinos offer the same slim chances of winning a fortune. It is also the high volatility that makes it difficult to win an online slot jackpot.

Biggest Online Slots Winners

To give a clear picture of how much you can win big at online slots, below are some of the notable progressive casino game-winners.

If you want more big wins, check out our list of the top slot wins in the World.

Belgian Napoleon Sports & Casino Online Player - €19,430,723.60

A Belgian player, who wishes to remain anonymous, won the Mega Jackpot of Microgaming's Absolootly Mad Mega Moolah at the Napoleon Sports & Casino website. This occurred by triggering the Jackpot Wheel mini-game during one of their spins and luckily landing on the small square with the Red Top Hat. With only a €15 stake, the player broke the world's record for the highest possible jackpot in Microgaming's progressive slot.

E.O. - $20,069,287.27

Mega Moolah from Microgaming is usually mentioned when talking about the largest progressive online slot winners since this game tends to reach phenomenal jackpot levels. In January 2019, a Canadian would break the game's record by triggering the Jackpot Wheel and landing on the smallest Mega Jackpot space. This lucky break leads to a massive jackpot prize of $20 million. Because of their wish to remain anonymous, the lucky player identified themselves with the initial E.O.

How to Win Big at Online Slots

Take note, the biggest possible prizes are among high variance slots that have incredibly high-risk rates. Even before you can think about winning the jackpot prize, the slot odds of triggering the bonus feature for a shot at the massive payout are quite low. Below are ways you can slightly increase your chances of winning big at online slots.

Get to Know a Game With Free Online Slots

Before considering real money casino slots, try demo versions first. One of the benefits of playing the free version is knowing more about the bonus feature of the game or the mechanic that will lead to the jackpot prize at any US online casino.

Players usually have a shot at one of the multiple jackpot prizes within the mini bonus game of a title. With the free slot experience, you can get a clear grasp of your chances of triggering the bonus feature with a set number of spins.

Read the Jackpot Requirements

Certain progressive jackpot slots have a max wager requirement before you can trigger the special bonus feature. If you are playing these slots without meeting the requirement, the game will only trigger one or a few of its bonus features that do not have the jackpot prize. Other titles with a wagering requirement will only reward you with a fixed jackpot instead of the progressive payout if you are not playing at the maximum stake. Knowing the progressive slot jackpot requirement helps you avoid wasting money when you are aiming for the largest payout.

Set Your Budget

Always have the mindset that you are spending money on slots to be entertained and not get rich. Just like other forms of entertainment, it helps to set a budget for the progressive jackpot you are aiming for. You should have a fitting budget for a specific online casino slot if you have been playing its demo version and know its jackpot requirement.

Remember, you want a reasonable budget that will let you enjoy any progressive casino slots. Spending just the right amount on online casino games and still covering the necessities for a month should let you avoid any regrets. If you get the urge to play after going through your budget, there are still free online slot versions available at any US gambling sites, or even worldwide legal brands.


Which slots have the biggest payout?

Progressive slots tend to have the highest possible cash prizes among online casinos. Mega Moolah is one of the popular progressive online slots from Microgaming that can grant lucky winners more than $10 million in jackpot prizes.

How can you win big at licensed casinos?

Licensed casinos are required by law to have the finances to pay their customers, regardless of the amount. If you happen to get a huge slot win from rogue casinos, chances are incredibly low that you will see your winnings.

Can you win big at slots during the evening?

Unfortunately, slots being able to pay more at night is a misconception among players. While it is true that slots pay out more at night, it is due to a large number of players during this time.

Is it possible to win big with low variance slots?

Low variance slots let you win a majority of your spins, but give a small payout for each of those wins. The risk of losing your entire bankroll in one sitting is incredibly small with these games. However, you are likely to lose most of your money when attempting to get a large return from low variance games by playing them for an extended period.

How can online casinos increase your chance of winning big?

Online casino bonuses provide you with more spins to your favorite slots. While there is a catch or a wagering requirement you need to clear before you can withdraw your bonus, the free in-house credit is still a great way to get a significant return on your original deposit.

How often can you win at slots?

The frequency of hits or wins you can make from any slot machine is determined by the game's RTP and variance rate.

You can win big at online slots by choosing progressive games with massive jackpots that can reach millions of dollars. Playing demo versions of slots and being familiar with the jackpot requirement can help you win a small fortune from your favorite online casino.

This article was published on April 19, 2022, and last updated on October 25, 2022.