Do Magnets Affect Slot Machines

There have bee numerous slot machine cheats over the years such as fish wire and light wands. Can magnets also be used to cheat on slot machines?

can magnets be used to hack slot machines
Do Magnets Affect Slot Machines

Everyone would want to know the secret of how to trick a slot machine to win. You'll hear several tips and tricks from people who have tried them, but one of the most common is using magnets. However, most casinos guarantee that these no longer work on their land-based slot machines, plus cheating on any casino games have always been a serious crime.

But if you still want to know how to trick a slot machine to win with magnets, keep reading to find out how they work and if they are still effective to this date.

How to Trick a Slots with Magnets

Magnet Slot Machine Cheat

Before video slots and online slot games, earlier slot machines were mechanical and made of metal. The first devices had a handle on the side, which the player must pull, so the reels started spinning from the player's force. 

Over the years, they became electromechanical and would have motors inside to turn the reels instead. These motors are metal as well, which means they're magnetic. A player can use a strong magnet, place it on the side or on the screen of the device to slow down, and eventually stop the reel from spinning, and land on a winning combination. The prize will then be paid out, and the player can do it all over again.

Do Magnets Work on Modern Slot

With the development of technology, modern and high-technology slot machines have been invented. There are no longer mechanical components that control the reels and determine the payout of the device. It has a CPU or a microchip with software programmed on how much and how often the machine will payout. This part of the machine serves as its brain and randomly generates results.

Furthermore, each of the slot machine's components - from the reels' movement, gameplay mechanics of the specific device, and even the sound and visuals - is controlled by the mechanisms in the bulkhead.

Additionally, most slot machines nowadays are installed with technology that will prevent people from cheating with any strategy. There are machines whose screens are covered with chemically-treated glass that can trigger a signal once someone attempts to rig using an electronic device. 

Because of these factors, modern slot machines can no longer be manipulated by magnets or other electronic tricks.

Alternative Slot Machine Cheats

Aside from using magnets, here are other common slot cheats people have used before:

Light Wands

Light wands were among the most famous and effective slot cheats and cheating devices for a while. That was before casinos knew about them and implemented stricter security policies. This trick was invented by Thomas Glenn Carmichael, a popular slot machine hacker. 

It worked by inserting the tip of the wand inside the coin slot. It would then continuously flash a series of lights, which would blind the optical sensor inside the machine. The sensor would get confused and would lose track of how many coins have been inserted and when to payout. It would then eventually dispense all of the money inside.

RNG Cracker App

As slot machines evolve and become more modern and high-tech over the years, hackers have also found ways to keep up. Big-time slot machine hackers now utilize advanced mobile phone applications.

The phone is used to capture videos of the slot reels. The app will then track and analyze the patterns of the random number generator or RNG. Once it's done, it will vibrate to notify the player on when is the exact time to press the button and spin the reels to win a payout. 

As much as it's a smart move, casinos had found out about this trick soon enough and started becoming more strict. They also used cameras and AI systems to monitor players' behaviors.

Modified Chip

Another famous slot machine hacker is Dennis Nikrasch. He manipulated slots by replacing the machines' microchips, which serve as its brain pre-programmed when and how much to payout.

It started when he purchased a slot machine and took it home to open and take apart. Nikrasch then found out about the existence of the microchip and what it does. From there, he decided to create rigged microchips to increase the chance of winning at slots.

With the help of other hackers, Dennis visited casinos, opened up machines, and replaced the chips with modified ones. They could steal about $15 million before one of his accomplices tipped them off to the authorities.

Preventing Slot Machine Cheats

After countless incidents with hackers and thieves, modern casinos have now learned the best ways to protect their money, establishment, and guests. They implement multiple practical and high technology security measures to identify criminals even before entering the doorway.

First are the more competent security personnel. Over the years, as hacking became more prevalent in casinos, managements put more importance on hiring more capable people to guard the premises. These people are physically fit and are knowledgeable about the tricks cheaters usually use. Here are the common responsibilities of these security staff:

  • Patrol the casino floors to check for hackers
  • Stop potential fights and other disturbances
  • Protect other guests
  • Monitor suspicious employees

On top of their reliable security staff, casinos have now used modern technology to their advantage. Tons of surveillance cameras are installed all over the place. Most of these are not mere cameras but have facial recognition features that detect people's identities. If a banned hacker shows up, the camera scans their face and alerts the system, which will then notify the security.

Aside from facial recognition, there are also surveillance cameras that can track players' suspicious activities if they're rigging machines.

With all these measures in place, modern casinos are likely to catch anyone who is planning to manipulate their system. Not unless these criminals find new ways to rig machines and the security. But until then, anyone who is caught guilty of doing these crimes in casinos can expect jail time and a hefty fine.

Even now that you know some ways how to trick a slot machine into winning, it'll all be useless since the chance that you can get away with them is very slim. If you want to win big in casinos, stick with legal and practical ways like saving up a considerable bankroll so you can play longer and increase your odds of receiving payouts.

This article was published on June 11, 2022, and last updated on October 24, 2022.