How To Hack Mobile Slots

Being able to hack mobile slots is a complicated business and takes more than typing a couple of lines of code like you'd see in the movies.

how to hack mobile slots
How To Hack Mobile Slots

People tend to think criminals are cyber wizards when it comes to hacking mobile slots with their phones. Unlike the movies or video games though, controlling the outcome of any slot with a small cheating device or cheat code is far more complicated than entering a series of commands.

We'll be looking at the methods a criminal uses to hack mobile slots as well as online and physical machine titles.

⚠️ This article and our website do not condone or encourage any form of cheating. This is an entertaining piece of content about methods and tools that have been used over the years to hack and manipulate slot machines. DO NOT CHEAT. EVER.

Mobile Slots Hack Explanation

Before talking about the methods a criminal would use to target any mobile slot games, you need to understand how slots work. Despite what the screen shows, there are no virtual reels or any slot machinery that are simulated by computer programs. Instead, digital slot games use a PRNG algorithm to come up with the results.

Every gambling game requires an RNG to create an unpredictable result. In a game of heads or tails, flipping the coin is your RNG tool, while craps use dice. When it comes to digital gambling games, simple RNG systems used in various computer programs are not suitable since certain individuals can predict their results.

Modern slots utilize pseudo-random number generators (PRNG), which create unpredictable results and can generate one in less than a second. To create an authentic "random" result, PRNG creates a seed based on real-life factors such as a system clock.

For mobile slots hack intended to manipulate the game, its target tends to be the PRNG algorithm. One method is to decode the seed of the algorithm or its method of how it draws one. While this may sound simple on paper, a slot's algorithm is hidden behind a series of encryption and stream ciphers.

Hacking Slots with Mobile Phones

A mobile phone with a broken padlock in the middle to signify hack mobile slots

Predicting the results of a PRNG system is the main goal behind hacking mobile slots. These hacking apps look for possible patterns within the system by analyzing the results of each spin. Once calculated, the app will notify the criminal when a favorable seed will come into play.

In June 2014, a Russian National named Murat Bliev managed to use a mobile slot hack on certain slot machines within the Lumiere Casino, St. Louis. Management was baffled by the negative hold of certain slots, which indicates a number of their machines gave out more money than their daily earnings.  In addition, there were no major or jackpot payouts within these machines.

It is important to note that a slot machine with negative holdings is uncommon among casinos, but it is not that rare. This scenario can occur when one or more patrons won the highest possible payout of a slot machine. What was alarming in the case of the Lumiere Casino is how these negative holdings occurred within two days.

Determined to find out what happened, security reviewed the surveillance video of their slots and saw a Murat Bliev playing suspiciously. Patrons usually press the spin button rapidly while looking at their phone for a short moment. Instead, Bliev was holding up his phone near the screen and had a long pause time in between his button press.

Bliev was arrested upon returning to the US. During his questioning, Bliev disclosed that he was a member of a criminal group that specialize in hacking slot machines. Bliev's phone had a slot machine hacking app that tells him when to spin the reels for favorable results. This explains Bilev's behavior while playing slot machines where he times his button press to the app's notification or signal. Bilev spent two years in a US prison before getting deported.

Betting Bots for Mobile Slots

Another form of mobile slots cheats or betting bots, a program for either computers or phones. These programs can crack the PRNG algorithm to find a pattern among the results provided by the gambling games. Once it gets a read on those patterns, it will automatically bet or play when a winning seed is active within the algorithm.

Betting bots also remove the reactional lag of manually hitting the spin button on a physical machine or digital slot.  With the rapid response time through the program, a hacker's slot win rate increases substantially.

Apart from slots, betting bets are usable among nearly any digital gambling game such as roulette, three-card poker, and craps. There are even poker betting bots among online cardrooms that play for you following a series of algorithms.

Protection Against Mobile Slots Hack

On the other end of a spectrum among betting, bots are AI/machine learning technology incorporated into casinos' security. These AI tech roots out any mobile slots hack within the casino floor or through online gambling sites by focusing on players who are constantly winning. In addition, the AI-powered surveillance system can also look for potential coercion among criminals and employees within physical casinos.

A patron's behavior or betting patterns are observed by the AI to determine if they are using a betting bot or are following a hacking app each time they play. Any patrons or accounts that are potentially using mobile slots hack are flagged, allowing security personnel to get a closer look at their gambling activities.

There are ways a criminal can crack the PRNG algorithm to hack mobile slots. However, finding or creating a program that can predict statistical "random results" is incredibly complicated and casino security makes it nearly impossible for criminals to hack mobile slots without getting caught.  

This article was published on December 9, 2021, and last updated on February 16, 2022.