Are Online Slots Rigged?

Our guide to rigged online slots and what precautions you can take, as a gambler, to avoid falling for scammy slot games online.

are online slots rigged?
Are Online Slots Rigged?

Getting cheated out of your money because of rigged slots is one of the feared scenarios among all gamblers who play slots online. Whilst we all know that, in fact, casinos do control their slots, we should be careful not to choose to play on rigged slots (generally with unlicensed operators, or full-on scams).

But are fake slots a real problem among online slots? And what are the signs a slot is rigged? In this article, we take a close look at rigged online slots to help you avoid them.

How Rigged Slots Cheat Players

To better understand fake online slots, we need to briefly talk about how actual slots work. Digital slots use a PRNG algorithm to determine the results of each spin. To achieve an authentic result generation, it utilizes entropy or actual randomness into the equation based on real-world factors such as the system clock.

A slot's PRNG sets the edge against or in favor of the house, which is usually around 5% to 0.5%. Translating it to return-to-player (RTP) or player's edge, its range is 95% to 99.5%. Take note that there are slots that have a high house edge or low RT due to its incredible payout possibility such as Mega Moolah Isis with its RTP of 88%.

In the case of complex rigged slots, the PRNG is set to give the house a heavily favored edge against the players. A majority of rigged online casinos offer games with an RTP of 10%-40%. Spending $100 to play any of these games can lead to a measly payout of $10-$40 after play an hour or more.

PRNG of Unfair Slots
PRNG of Hacked Slots

There are simpler fake slots that do not use a PRNG algorithm. Instead, these games cheat you by showing a set of random premade outcomes with a few of these results giving you a small return. While these slots are designed to cheat any players out of their money, they tend to be predictable and will likely stop anyone from playing before then spend more.  

On the other hand, complex fake slots that use its PRNG system can simulate actual slots by providing players with decent payouts. These slots are dangerous since it compels a player to keep spending their money while dangling its jackpot or massive payout in front of your screen and never giving it to you.

Risks of Fake Slots and Casinos

Whilst losing money is one of the main risks of illegitimately unfair slots, there are a few other risks to considers when choosing to play on an online slot site. Remember that no strategy will increase your edge on a rogue slot game that is programmed to cheat you.

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Lost Money

Money is the most common risk when it comes to playing in rigged online slots. Take note that we are not talking about losing around $50 to $100 only since this is the expected loss for an average casino player. Fake online slots that pass as legitimate online slots can cheat a player out of more than $5,000 or more. These sums can ruin any gambler's bankroll.

Complex rigged slots can easily entice players with features that promise a large payout such as wild reels or multiplier free spins. Certain fake slots can also copy a popular game that has better RTP or incredible jackpots, tricking people into spending a large portion of their dispensable income.


Rigged online casinos are another danger to be wary of when looking for a gambling site. You not only risk losing your money by visiting this site but also risk having your private information stolen.

Rogue casinos tend to promise enticing offers such as higher deposit bonuses and free spins than other casinos. Others will provide exaggerated promotions such as free spins or casino cash without any deposit requirement. You just need to provide them your name, address, contact information, and credit card information.

When a criminal has the player's identity, they can apply for credit under their name or defraud their reputation. Operators of rogue casinos have more to gain with your personal information than just your money, leaving you to face creditors and authorities.

Device Hack

Another risk of entering a rogue casino is having malicious software infect your computer or mobile device. One example is ransomware that locks your computer with a screen telling you to pay the rogue casino operator to remove the software. Keyloggers are another example of malware that captures each key you type on your keyboard, giving criminals sensitive information such as passwords or PIN codes.

How To Protect Yourself From Rigged Slots and Casinos

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Fortunately, there are ways you can avoid getting tricked by fake slots or rogue operators.

Licensed Casinos

Every legitimate online casino is required to have a license within the jurisdiction they are operating. Regulation boards such as the Kahnawake Gaming Commission and Malta Gaming Authority have a set of strict rules all licensees must follow to keep their credentials. This is also the case for land-based casinos that are regulated by their respective offices. Both legitimate land-based and online casinos require a license to run.

Licensed operators are required to have several security measures in place to prevent criminals from stealing their players' private information. Casino operators must also be clear about their promotions or bonuses by making their policies as transparent as possible to their patrons.

Safe online slot providers are also required to have a license before they can operate in specific jurisdictions. One of the requirements of a software provider's license is to have their games tested for fairness and authentic randomness.

Online casino licenses aim to protect you from fraud as well as provide a fair chance at winning a large payout. If a licensed casino or slot attempts to cheat you of your money, you can contact their regulation office for legal assistance.

You can easily find the license of an online casino on the front page of their website. Online slot certifications are found on the software provider's homepage. Verifying a casino or slot is licensed pays off, which you can do by looking for the business name within their respective jurisdiction's registry.

Free Online Slots

Fake slots are incredibly risky for players who have yet to play any online casino game since they lack any experience in knowing if a game is authentic or not. Counterfeit games go beyond just looking like their legitimate counterpart by using similar assets such as graphics and sounds. New players can easily believe a fake slot is the real deal and will likely spend thousands of dollars without realizing the edge heavily favors the house.

Free slot games offer an ideal way to be familiar with a specific title. These free demos are the same titles that can be played with real money on a majority of online casinos. You aim to familiarize yourself with the visual and audio cues that occur during the game, including the sound and music that happens when you trigger a game mode.

You can find free online slot games among any casinos that are running the software provider's platform or have their library on their website. If you want an authentic experience, you can play the demo through the software provider's home page.

Do you want to avoid spending hours playing a free online slot just to be familiar with it? Another method is to watch videos of gameplay demo or people playing the game on various online platforms.

unfair online slots
Rigged slots don't look like rigged slots... They often make irresistible offers!

Online Casino Blacklists

Rogue sites can operate as legitimate gambling sites for a long time. At some point, they may hold the winnings of a player who won a large payout rate from a website. These sites might also have unfavorable terms and conditions that can shut down a player's account without prior notice. Almost immediately, rogue sites will go offline when complaints from their players have peaked and are starting to draw attention from authorities.

A good way to avoid rogue sites that passes off as legitimate is to look for casino review sites with a blacklist of operators, such as AskGamblers. These websites have active casino patrons that go through all aspects of a gambling site. Reviewers take note of any red flag on the home page such as a part of the terms and conditions that give an operator the right to suspend any account at their discretion. You can also find online slot reviews that help you differentiate an authentic title from a bootleg one from these websites.

Be on the lookout for review sites that allow feedback or comments on casino reviews. You can find patrons warning other people of their experience such as slots that consistently freezes or glitches when they trigger a bonus mode.

There are rigged online slots and rogue casinos that will trick you into giving them your money and personal information. By making an effort of checking the license, being familiar with a specific game, and looking up review sites, you can avoid these fake gambling sites.

This article was published on March 21, 2021, and last updated on July 4, 2022.