How To Tell If a Slot Machine Is Hot

How do you know when a slot machine or online slot is hot and about to pay out a big prize? Learn what is a myth and what is real!

knowing if slot machines are hot
How To Tell If a Slot Machine Is Hot

Casino patrons tend to pick slot games that they feel are ready to give a large payout after several players have spun its reels or an attendant serviced them. However, is there any truth to a slot machine becoming loose after certain conditions are met? In effect, how to win at slots by knowing it is on a streak?

Let us answer these questions by taking a close look at how slots work.

Truth Behind Hot/Cold Slot Machines

To start, a hot or cold slot machine is a myth. While slots may tally the number of spins and money it accumulated within a day, it does not influence the results of succeeding spins. "Cold slot machines" do not exist either, since there are no counters to reset.

If a player wins the highest possible payout, they have a chance to get the same results in their next spin. On the other hand, slots can experience a long payout drought of more than a day due to how it comes up with the results. In addition, a player's chance of winning a high cash reward on a newly serviced slot is the same as playing on a machine that has yet to be worked on by a technician for days.

Understanding a Slot's Inner Workings

A good way to clear the myth of hot and cold slot machines is to understand how a game creates its result, which is through a random number generator (RNG). Dices are a good example of an RNG tool that can create six different results. For modern slots, digital RNG utilizes complex equations to come up with the results of each spin, as well as unpredictable external sources (weather, wind, light) to seed the random generator.

To know what symbols will appear on the reels upon each spin, the slot's pseudo-random number generator (PRNG) runs a seed or key through a complex equation. What makes PRNG different from digital RNG methods is its method of creating unpredictable seeds.

What makes RNG a challenge for digital slots is the simulation of authentic or natural results. When you roll an actual dice, there are factors that influence the results of your roll. These factors improve entropy, which includes wind velocity, surface condition of the dice, and other aspects of the environment.

To compensate for natural entropy that can make a result random or unpredictable, PRNG systems draw their seed from any real-world data. One of these data includes the system clock of the server or system where the slot is running from.

You are likely thinking that there is a specific result for 10:08 pm or 9:50 am. A PRNG algorithm is not that simple though. A single seed can generate multiple results when it goes through a complex equation. Spinning the reels at a certain point in time can result in a loss or win.

In the case of the slot becoming hot or cold, there is no room within the game's PRNG algorithm to alter a player's chances. There are no counters for how many times its reels were spun or how much it paid out. Everyone has the same chance of winning or losing in slots since there are no other influences on the seed generation or random results generator. If there is anything certain, a slot PRNG produces unpredictable results.

How To Tell If a Slot Is Hot

There are slots that let you win most of your spins if you know how to look. Check on a game's return-to-player (RTP) rate that measures the payback on your wager after playing the game for a certain period. Another measure to take note of is the slot's variance or volatility, which determines the game's risk-vs-reward rate.

You want a high return to player (RTP) rate of around 97% or better as well as a low or low-medium variance rate slot. Slots with high RTP and low variance tend to payout frequently but offer a low cash prize on each wins.

Picking a "Hot" Slot Game

In regards to those hot slots with the biggest payout, two opportunities are present in an online and physical casino.

High Progressive Jackpots

When it comes to life-changing jackpots, it pays to look out for progressive slots. Several popular progressive slots have a minimum jackpot prize of 1 million after a lucky player took home the current jackpot. You can achieve the same life-changing fortune as the winner of Mega Fortune player who took home 4.6€ million back in 2017. Mega Moolah is another one of the most popular slots in Vegas.

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Slot Tournaments

Slot tournaments are always a great opportunity to take home major cash prizes. These events involve playing a qualified slot with a set bankroll and be the player with the highest cash payout at the end of the tournament. While there are scheduled tournaments with a fixed entry fee, you can also free-roll events that let you participate without paying anything.

how do you know when a slot machine is ready to pay out
How to tell if a slot machine is ready to pay?

Can Provably Fair Slots Be Hot

Provably fair gambling games use a similar PRNG system as other online casino slots wherein the results are also generated from seeds or base value. What makes these games different is the source of the seeds, which are the ones from the player side and the server-side.

Your seed is revealed to you and you have the option to change it. On the other hand, the server's seed is visible in a hashed or encrypted form. All of the data are present to you before you spin the reels, allowing you to check if the seed and hashed seed do provide you with the same results.

Let us talk about the part where you can enter your seed for the game's result. While you have full control over the seed on your side, you cannot make a provably fair slot looser or hotter. There is still the hashed seed on the server-side that you cannot control or decipher.

Even if you use the same seed on the player side for all of your spins, you will still get unpredictable results. Transparency is the main reason why you can adjust your seed as well as see the server's encrypted seed.

There is no such thing as a hot or loose slot machine since there is no means for a machine to determine when to start increasing a player's chance at a large payout. However, you can find slots that let you win a majority of your spins and games that offer a massive cash prize for lucky players. Summarize the article in 30 words

This article was published on July 21, 2021, and last updated on October 26, 2022.