Which Online Slots Payout The Most

One of the appeals of slot machines is the chance of landing a huge jackpot and winning big. We'll be looking at which online slots payout the most.

which online slots payout the most
Which Online Slots Payout The Most

Money, large buckets of it, is what makes casino patrons play slot machines - that chance of a jackpot! There is nothing like getting a big win and seeing your slot payout keep growing as everything on the screen is going crazy.

In this article, we cover high payout slots and which online slots payout the most to help you find your small fortune.

How to Find Slots with High Payouts

There are only two factors to consider when you are looking for high slot machine payouts:

High Variance

Variance is another term for risk when it comes to slots where the payout is based on the risk-vs-reward ratio. With that in mind, you will want to look out for high variance slots. This type of slot tends to pay out less often but will pay out more when you hit. This can lead to long stretches without any significant return.

On the light side, these payouts tend to be much higher.

You have a better chance at doubling or tripling your bankroll with just a few spins with high variance slots than low variance ones.

Progressive Jackpots

When it comes to high payouts, nothing beats progressive slots. Some lucky players have managed to get a fortune worth more than $10 million from playing these kinds of slots. Even the lowest major progressive jackpot amount is around $5,000. This amount is possible thanks to the mechanic of progressive slots that takes a small part of every player's bet for the growing jackpot.

There are two factors to note when it comes to progressive jackpots, their variance and bet requirement. Popular ones that offer no less than $1 million for their major jackpot tend to have the highest risk. For bet requirements, certain games require you to max out your bet or coin denomination to qualify for the jackpot. By taking into account these two factors, you will need a significant bankroll to take a crack at those high payouts.

What you should look for when finding high payout slots
The two things you should look for when finding high payout slots.

Top 10 Slots with High-Payouts

To get you started on hunting down your fortune, here are the 10 best progressive slot machines.

Game NameDeveloperRTP RateVariance
Mega MoolahMicrogaming88.00%High
Mighty Griffin MegawaysBlueprint95.46%Mid-High
Mustang GoldPragmatic Play96.53%Mid-High
Primate KingRed Tiger94.68%High
Scroll of the DeadPlay'N Go94.28%High
Legacy of the TigerPlaytech Origins96.59%High
Deal or No Deal MegawaysBlueprint95.72%Mid-High
Narcos SlotNetEnt96.23%Mid-High
The 100,000 Pyramid SlotIGT93.90%Mid-High
Bonanza SlotBig Time Gaming96.00High
Top 10 High-Payout Online slots

1. Mega Moolah

Mega Moolah is a straightforward slot from Microgaming which offers a very low RTP rate of 88 and high variance. It has a familiar free-spins mode that is common among Microgaming titles. Upon triggering the mode with at least three Monkey Scatter symbols, you receive 15 free spins along with a 3x multiplier. Matching five of the scattered symbols rewards you with 100 times your bet.

Let us talk about this game's online slot jackpot payout, which you can win within the Mega Moolah Jackpot Wheel mode. This mode is triggered randomly during the base game and while betting the maximum amount. During the Mega Moolah Jackpot Wheel, you are presented with four possible jackpot prizes. You need to land on the white space out of the 20 other spaces on the wheel to get the Mega Jackpot payout.

While the odds are slim given the conditions of reaching the bonus mode and winning the jackpot, your payout for completing them can lead to millions of dollars in cash.

2. Mighty Griffin Megaways

One of the two Megaways slots for this list is Mighty Griffin Megaways, which features a "117,649 ways to win" avalanche payline structure. This 6 digit payline slot is possible with the game's 6x7x4x1 reel structure. As long as there are at least six similar symbols within adjacent slots, you can create matches in this game.

This slot offers a very generous 95.46% return to player rate with mid-high variance.

When you match at least 3 Griffin Scattered symbols, you trigger the first part of the free spins mode. This mode lets you win additional free games by having more Griffin symbols appear on empty spaces. When the mode is complete, you have a choice to gamble your free spins to get more games or to proceed with the second mode. You want to have more free spins at the second part of Mighty Griffin Megaways bonus mode since there is a progressive multiplier that grows as you create matches.

3. Mustang Gold

Themed after American ranchers, Mustang Gold has horses and ranchers as the game's highly valued symbols. Bonfire Scatter symbols pay 1x your bet each while having three of them landing on the reels rewards you with eight free spins. Mustang Gold has one of the highest RTP's at 96.53% and is a mid-high variance slot.

What makes Mustang Gold a favorite is its Money Collect Feature, which involves the Gold Horseshoe Money symbol. Each symbol contains a random cash prize and appears on the 1st, 2nd, 3rd, and 4th reels. To collect those prizes, you need to have the Collect symbol appear on the 5th reel.

Apart from cash prizes, a jackpot reward will randomly appear on any of the Money symbols. If you get the Collect symbol along with a Money symbol with the jackpot, you trigger the Jackpot Reveal Bonus Game. In this game, you can win one of 4 jackpots by revealing their corresponding symbols among the 12 Golden Horseshoe symbols on the screen. You can take home 1,000x your bet with the Grand Jackpot prize here.

4. Primate King

Red Tiger's Primate King takes the wild symbols to the dark reaches of the jungle. When the Gorilla Wild symbol appears on the screen, it can trigger a random event that replaces all low-paying symbols on the screen with high-valued ones. Another function of the Gorilla Wild symbol is to collect small gold coins that appear on certain symbols on the reel.

When you collect enough gold coins, you can unlock three Primate Wild Upgrade.

  • 1st Level: Stacked Wild
  • 2nd level: Stacked Wild with multiplier
  • 3rd level: Stacked Wild with multiplier and sticky function.

Even though this is a high variance slot it still manages to offer a 94.68% return to player rate.

5. Scroll of the Dead

Scroll of the Dead is an Egyptian-themed 5x3 slot that has a 94.28% RTP with high variance. Its gameplay is straightforward where you have the usual Wild symbol and Scarab Scatter symbol. When you trigger the free spins mode with three or more Scarab Scatter symbols, you open the door to high payouts.

During the free-spins mode, a 6th reel is opened and the reels turn into a 6x3 structure. With the addition of the sixth reel, you can match six symbols that have better payouts. In addition, Scroll of the Dead randomly selects one symbol upon trigging the free-spins mode. This symbol will have an expansion function, allowing it to fill a column when it lands on any reel. By combining the expansive symbol function and sixth reel, you have the potential for incredible slot machine payouts.

6. Legacy of the Tiger

A slot machine showing 3 dollar symbols

One of the standout features of Legacy of the Tiger is the Mega Fire Blaze Jackpots mode, which you can trigger by having 6 or more Moon symbols on the reels. Moon symbols contain cash prizes and keys. During this mode, there are 6x5 reels on top of the 3x5 reel structure that is locked. You need two keys to open a 1x5 reel.

Despite being a high variance slot, Legacy of the Tiger offers the highest RTP rate on this list of 96.59%

Your aim in Mega Fire Blaze Jackpots is to get as many Moon symbols to appear on the empty spaces. As you get more keys from the moons, the more reels you unlock. Unlocking the top 3x5 reels entitles you to a x2 and x5 multiplier for any Moon symbols landing on those spaces. Legacy of the Tiger's Grand Jackpot prizes is also open to you when you reach the topmost reel.

7. Deal or No Deal Megaways

As you would expect from a Megaways slot, Deal or No Deal Megaways has a massive 7x6x1x4 reels with 117,649 ways to win. Its cascade reels feature provides you with a free re-spin where matched symbols are cleared to make way for new ones. When you consecutively match 4, 5, or 6 symbols, you trigger the iconic normal, Super, or Mega Deal or No Deal bonus feature.

In the first part of the bonus feature, you are presented with 22 boxes that have varying free spins while one of them will be your chosen box. In true Deal or No Deal-style, you pick two to five of the remaining 21 boxes until you get a specific Banker's Offer cash prize. This cash prize is based on the number of high-valued free spins left. When you are left with one box, the game lets you pick either your chosen box or the remaining one to receive a set of free games.

You use your free spins in the second part of the bonus feature that includes several mystery symbols appearing on the reels. A progressive multiplier in part of the Deal or No Deal bonus feature keeps growing as you make matches.

This is another slot with a high RTP rate of 95.72% with mid-high variance.

8. Narcos Slot

NetEnt's Narcos is a 3x5 slot with 243 ways to win payline mechanics that offers a 96.23% RTP with mid-high variance. One of its major features is the Walking Wilds symbol, which stays on the reels and moves one space to the left on each succeeding spin. Walks Wilds gets a boost from the Drive-By feature that randomly replaces high-valued symbols into wild ones.

Narcos' bonus mode has an interesting slot feature that only uses two symbols, Locked Up and Golden Locked Up. One of the symbols will have a linking chain surrounding it. Two or more symbols adjacent to chained ones will connect with each other and will reward you with their cash prize rewards. Upon connecting a Golden Locked Up symbol with a chained symbol, you receive a higher cash prize, upgraded Locked Up symbols, or bet multipliers.

9. The 100,000 Pyramid Slot

As you would expect in a game-show-based slot, The 100,000 Pyramid Slot's bonus mode follows the mechanics of the named TV show. Your task is to select one out of several Golden Pyramid sections until you reach the top. Each pyramid has a set number of free spins and a bet multiplier.

This is another mid-high variance slot with a decent RTP of 93.9%.

What makes the Winner's Circle interesting is the levels on the pyramid. You start at the bottom level where there are only +1 free spins and multipliers. When you pick a symbol with a red arrow, you reach the next tier that has more free spins and multipliers.

10. Bonanza Slot

Bonanza Slot is another Megaways title from Big Time Gaming that has a 7x6x1x4 reel structure and 117,649 ways to win. This slot also uses an avalanche reel feature that gives you a small re-spin after matching symbols and offers a generous 96% RTP with high variance.

When you get the G, O, L, and D symbols anywhere on the reels, you unlock the free-spins mode of the Bonanza Slot. What makes this feature stand out is the opportunity to win more free spins by having at least three Gold Stack symbols appear on the reels. With the progressive multiplier present in this mode, you can reach a bigger payout as you get more extra games.

Online Slots Payout: FAQ

To help you find the info you need for high-slot machine payouts, here are bite-sized answers for the most common questions about the subject.

Which slots have the highest payout?

You want to look for high variance slots, which have the highest risk factor among other real money online slots. While there are only a small number of wins out of the numerous spins, high-variance slots tend to give a significant amount of return to your bet.

Do high-RTP slots have better payouts?

High RTP slots tend to have low or low-medium variance. This results in a high win percentage to spins that have a low payout rate.

Do progressive jackpots pay higher than fixed ones? 

Fixed jackpots are only affected by your bet amount. On the other hand, progressive jackpots can achieve incredible payouts because the jackpot prize comes from a small part of all player's bets. As more people play a specific slot, the higher the slot's jackpot grows.

How can non-jackpot slots offer better payouts?

High-variance slots tend to have feature-loaded bonus modes that can lead to incredibly high payouts. One example is a free-spins mode that has a bet multiplier. Another is a cascade reel with a progressive multiplier, which keeps growing each time a player makes consecutive matches.

Are high-payout slots worth playing? 

If you can handle the risks that come with playing high-variance or progressive jackpot slots, they are definitely worth your money. Unlike high RTP slots with low variance, high-payout slots give you a shot at tripling your bankroll with just a few spins. Focusing your funds on these risky games gives you a shot at winning big in slots than low-variance titles.

Can slots pay out more at night?

One of the most popular myths among casino players is that slots pay more at night. Unfortunately, this is not true in the sense that slots are likely to let you win the jackpot in the evening. Instead, slots pay more at night because this is when there are numerous people visiting a casino.

Can you win big with low variance slots?

Low variance slots have a low risk-vs-reward rate where you win a majority of your wins and receive a small return on your bet. You are likely to gradually lose most of your money in playing this type of game and then get a large cash payout.

High-variance and progressive slots offer the best possible payouts because of their gameplay features and growing jackpot prize. These online slots payout higher amounts in exchange for higher risk

This article was published on October 29, 2021, and last updated on October 26, 2022.