Why Aren’t Online Slots Like In A Real Casino

Why are online slots not like those in a real casino? How are physical and digital slots different. These questions are answered in this article!

difference between online slots and real casino slots.
Why Aren’t Online Slots Like In A Real Casino

Legit U.S. online casinos enable punters and casual players to have a safe and enjoyable gambling experience. On the other hand, physical casinos have driven the experience with their local entertainment and eateries.

This article will discuss the difference between landbased casinos and online gambling slots

Why Online Slots Are Not the Same in a Real Casino

Online slots

Responsible Gambling

Regarding the term "responsible gaming," individuals must be aware of their gambling habits. This includes the amount of money they spend on gambling and their emotions whenever they lose a large chunk of their cash.

Physical casinos may have ways of warding off people facing problem gambling, but the gambling floor is designed to encourage spending on their games. No safeguards would prevent anyone from withdrawing a large portion of a person's life savings from an ATM to win a progressive slot's jackpot.

Fortunately, modern casinos have an A.I. to find potential problem gamblers on their platform. These A.I. programs flag players based on their spending patterns or other factors. Once flagged, management can message these players to warn them of their spending habits.


Online gambling allows you to join many online casinos. After that, you get access to online slots at your fingertips.

For instance, players have almost 800 options at Golden Nugget, New Jersey. Meanwhile, you get more than 200 at BetMGM New Jersey. And these are only two of more than a dozen options with an online casino.

Meanwhile, physical casinos can only host limited slots due to space limitations. 

Winning Possibility

Online slots have higher winning possibilities because there are many progressive slots in online casinos instead of physical ones like those in Las Vegas or Atlantic City. Progressive slots are highly risky titles that can grant lucky players a small fortune if they meet the requirements.

Some of the best progressive slots out there are Mega Fortune and Arabian Nights. Mega Fortune features a Hollywood theme with a 5x3 setup and 25 pay lines. It also has a high variance where you are expected to lose most of your spins.

Meanwhile, Arabian Nights come with a 3x multiplier, a lamp symbol, and a change to get 15 free spins. It's a bit old-fashioned, but it's still a great choice because it only needs five wild genie symbols to hit the jackpot.

Long-Term Gain

An online casino will allow you to try the slot in demo practice mode, letting you experience all the game's features and gameplay without wasting your wagers. This demo does not exist at a brick-and-mortar casino, making it a bit riskier to try a new game.

Another slot factor is the RTP percentage, also called the payback. This percentage denotes how much the slot will pay back for your stake.

To achieve long-term success, you need to have medium to low slots volatility and a high RTP percentage, which you can find in online casinos.

Promotions and Incentives

If you are pretty new to the realm of online gambling and you like playing slots, you are in for a treat.

Nearly every online casino provides a welcome bonus, and every new player is entitled to it.

Physical casinos provide a few good loyalty programs. These incentives usually include discounts on accommodations and hotels. However, they do not give you free spins nor double your in-hand cash as you walk onto the casino floor.

Player Experience

Online slots provide better convenience because you can play titles wherever or whenever while still enjoying a similar level of fun and thrill in the casino.

You don't have to be physically present in the casino to play your favorite slot game. It's all about convenience at the end of the day, making players choose online casinos over physical ones.

This strategy makes perfect sense, especially since safety and security are a growing concern for high-profile players or older adults at risk of contracting the COVID virus.

Physical Slot Machine vs. Online Slot Machine

Physical Slot Advantages

  • The win potential, with millions of dollars in progressive jackpots
  • The thrilling sights and sounds of a significant win among slot machines
  • The overall casino experience, especially the quick access to complimentary drinks and entertainment

Online Slot Advantages

  • Variety, particularly given that you can gamble at several casinos without ever leaving your house
  • Bonuses and promotions can double an online casino player's bankroll up to more than $1,000

Is it Safe to Play Online Slots: Pros and Cons


  • It offers a high level of convenience because you can avoid traffic or learn casino etiquette
  • It lets you play 24x7 in the comfort of your home
  • Find a wide range of games with multiple variations
  • Games have varying betting limits


  • Online casinos usually lack the pulsating and energetic vibe
  • You need a stable internet connection to keep playing at an online casino

Are Online Casinos Rigged?

Indeed, many people are still having difficulty gaining confidence in online gambling activities. For a long time, players could not trust online casinos because they are believed to be running rigged games. But things are now different. Online casino gaming is generally secure and safe now because government offices regulate them. 

Apart from that, online casino gaming operators have adopted particular practices to help protect themselves and their players by minimizing the possibilities of unwanted security events such as data leaks and cyberattacks that may cause harm to the business and the players.

These practices include getting the basics of protection right: HTTPS, SSL, TSL, Firewalls, keeping all the software up-to-date, and using secure technology. Every licensed casino that lets you play with real money must have these protective measures.

Also, the online gaming landscape is way different thanks to the existing regulations and laws and third-party auditors such as the eCommerce and Online Gaming Regulation and Assurance (eCOGRA).

eCOGRA guarantees that the online operator meets the information storage security standards and that they have fair random number generators, process payments on time, and act responsibly. Casinos should allow regular audits by their part companies to maintain their good standing. 

So, if you can find an eCOGRA seal at an online casino, they have dedicated their business to being fair, secure, and safe. Any venue with this seal would always be an excellent player option to avoid scams.

Are Online Casinos Legit?

There are many online casinos available today that are legitimate. However, finding them requires some effort. It includes checking their licenses and ensuring they are not a part of any review site's block list. 

Regulation offices require license holders to have their platforms thoroughly analyzed. These tests and inspections check the operator's banking terms, payment methods, game functionality, payout percentages, and RNG software. Note that it is easy for any site to have a logo of a jurisdiction license on their site. Ensure an online casino is licensed by clicking on the license link and checking the regulation office's home page. 

How Do Legit Online Slot Work

Online slots are different from mechanical and electronic in that they do not exist in the physical space. Instead, they are a series of codes in the digital world. Online slots may be made to try to mimic the reels of the past. However, do not be fooled by exciting features and flashy graphics because these online games are just comprised of lines of code you are taking part in through the screen. What are the present algorithms, and how can they help your winnings?

Return to player (RTP) rates

RTP, or the return to payer rate, is the percentage that one player can expect to win back the total amount they have input into the machine. Commonly, you will see the RTP set at nearly the 95% mark. Keeping their win rates high can entice players and make them believe they are not losing all that much money.

When it comes to mechanical slots, such a rate is usually unknown because of the random internals' nature. However, with online and electronic slots, the RTP is predetermined and written into the software once the game is made. In addition, you can easily find the RTP on most online casinos or through a casino directory site.


Slot volatility, also known as slot variance, equates to the risk you can find in the game. Software providers and online casino players utilize this data to show a game's risk-vs-reward rate. 

Compared to low-volatility slots, high-variance slots provide more infrequent yet promising payouts. You may experience low-paying and long spins with the latter before reaching a decent payout.

Only a lesser winning number tends to get bigger payouts to compensate and reach the return-to-player rate of the machine. Such wins are activated by triggering a game's bonus features or matching high-valued symbols.

Random Number Generator (RNG)

A random number generator (RNG) is a mathematical construct intended to generate a random number set on the reels that must not show any distinguishable patterns in their generation or appearance. Hence, the term random. 

RNG has two methods, the Pseudo Random Number Generators, and True Random Number Generators. When you press or click the spin button on slot games, an underlying computation happens behind your computer screen. Seeds are also the PRNG algorithm's base value.

What's great about a complex RNG is that it provides players with fair gameplay. These give players the peace of mind that the slots they're playing provide fair gameplay. At the same time, the RNG algorithm ensures casinos secure their monthly revenue from each gambling expense while having enough bankroll to pay winning players.

Most slot players would like to play the traditional slot machines at a physical casino for restaurants, entertainment, and shops. When they cannot, they can always access an online slot machine at their fingertips.

This article was published on November 18, 2022, and last updated on November 10, 2022.