Slot Odds

Slot odds are the statistical probability of an outcome occurring among slots. This article takes a detailed look at slot odds and how it affects you.

What are your chances of winning any online slot? You can find out by knowing the slot odds of a game.

This article will give a detailed explanation of slot odds and how will provide detailed statistics on your chances of getting a significant return.

Slot Odds Basics

Slot odds

Slot odds are the statistical probability of winning a specific payout based on a game's matches.

The value of a match corresponds with the slot odds. For example, matching low-paying symbols have the highest odds of occurring since these symbols have a higher chance of appearing on the reels. On the other hand, high-paying symbols or special ones such as wild symbols, scatter symbols, and bonus symbols have the lowest slot odds due to their rarity. Having a good grasp of the odds can help you build your slot strategy.

Note that slot odds are unrelated to a game's RTP and variance rate. However, the return and risk-vs-reward rate determine the odds of an outcoming occurring in each game. High RTP and low variance slots have better odds of a paying match occurring. On the other hand, profitable matches have the lowest odds among low RTP and high variance slots.

To give you a clear picture of slot odds, we turn to a casino game with the same multi-tiered payouts with different chances of winning: roulette. Roulette has a wide range of bets available with its risk-vs-reward rates. You have ones with 50% odds (47.4% for American roulette due to the 0 and 00 square, and 48.6% for European roulette with its single 0). These 50/50 wagers include black/red, even/odds, and 1-18/19-36. Odds are much higher with these bets since the chances of the roulette ball hitting any of these numbers are high.

What are the odds of bets with few winning numbers? Bets, where the winnings numbers are only nine instead of 18, have a 32.40% chance of winning in a European table (31.6% for American ones). Remember that the roulette payout for these wagers is 2 to 1, while those with 50/50 odds have a payout of 1 to 1. How bet with only a single winning number? Single-number bets have a 2.70% or 2.60% chance of winning. However, their payout is a massive 35 to 1.

Every casino game has outcomes with lower odds that offer a higher payout. These games also have multiple winning scenarios with higher chances of winning and a low payout.

Another casino game illustrates how the odds of winning are affected by a game with more than 50 outcomes: a big six-wheel game. While this covers the odds of multi-tiered bets, it does not cover the numerous possible outcomes in slots and their effect on your chances of winning. This casino game also has the same rules as roulette. However, the big six-wheel game has 52 or 53 possible results, which is more than roulette's 37 or 38 outcomes.

Because of the increased outcome, the wager with the highest possible chance of winning ($1) has 42.59% odds. The bet with the 2nd highest chance of winnings ($2) has 27.78% odds, while the wager with the highest payout has odds of 1.85% to win.

By comparing the odds of roulette and big six-wheel, you can see how an increase in outcome can significantly reduce the odds of each wager. Because of the numerous outcomes in slots, the odds of getting a winning payout are much lower than those of casino table games. Slots have the highest house edge than traditional games since the chance of matching symbols with a 1-to-1 payout is incredibly small. The odds of getting the highest possible payout in any slot tend to be less than 0.10% because of the numerous outcomes.

Calculating Slot Odds

You may notice how there is no mention of slot odds from this point, which will become apparent if we calculate the odds of a simple game. For this game, we have 6 card symbols, and one scatter symbol running on a 1x3 reel slot with one pay line. The payout for this slot is incredibly generous where. You can get a payout if one scatter symbol appears on any reel.  

The payout table for our slot (Scattered Poker Slots by BetandBeat) will look like this:

Slot OutcomePay Out
1 x Scatter Symbol1 Coin
2 x Scatter Symbol3 Coins
3 x Card Symbol30 Coins
3 x  Scatter Symbol40 Coins
Scattered Poker Slots Pay Table

We have six symbols on each of the three reels, giving us 343 possible outcomes. Since we have six card symbols requiring one type of symbol to appear on each reel, the number of possible combinations is only six. Three scatters only have one combination, while two scatters on any reels have 18 possible combinations. Scatters appearing in any reel with card symbols have 108 possible combinations. The total combination of this reel comes out to 133 in total.

The Online slot odds of getting any of the 133 winning matches out of 343 possible outcomes is 38.78%. Note that the chance of getting a push or matching one scatter symbol is (108/343) 34.49%.

Your odds of matching two scatters to earn a profit out of one spin is only 5.26%.

Slot odds infographic
Slot Odds Infographic

Slot Payout Odds in Modern Titles

Because of advanced RNG algorithms, every digital slot among UK and US online casinos can achieve more than thousands of outcomes. Even games with 1x3 reels and one pay lines have numerous outcomes than BetandBeat's Scattered Poker Slots.

Despite the numerous outcomes, every modern slot still has the same odds structure as our sample game. The winning payout that gives you less than or an equal amount of your stake per spin is around 30% to 40%. Matches that can give you more than your stake has approximately 5% to 10% odds of occurring. Any slot's highest possible payout will have lower than 0.5%. This range is nearly identical to various Las Vegas slot odds or other casino slots. In addition, these odds are always consistent and will not change no matter the time of day or how many spins were won.

Slot Jackpot Odds

When talking about slot jackpots, we are referring to progressive slots. These games have an increasing jackpot prize since every player's stakes contribute to the total amount. Getting a jackpot outcome is how to win big at slots.

In nearly every jackpot slot, you need to trigger a game's unique feature before you get the four major prizes.

Not only is the outcome of triggering the feature computed, but you also need to consider the outcome of the feature. The ballpark figure of your chances of winning a progressive slot's jackpot prize is more than 1 in a billion, especially among US and UK online gambling sites. Your odds of getting the major jackpot are much lower than just matching the highest-paying symbols of the slot.

Slot odds are the statistical probability of getting any of the winning matches in one title. The average odds of getting a profitable match is at least 10% or less.