100-Payline Slots

Slots with 100 paylines offer an intense gambling experience thanks to a fun and surprising paytable. 100 paylines means endless winning combinations!

A payline is where you want the slot symbols to form winning combinations. Imagine having 100 of them active on your screen. This type of slot gives you plenty of chances to match the game's symbols and win great payouts.

So where's the catch, are 100 paylines slots simply the best? Does the high number of paylines make such slots appealing? We answer that question by taking a close look at the pros and cons of 100-payline slots.

100-Payline Slots Explained

Each slot offers a pay table that contains one or more paylines that determine the winning combinations of a spin. With 100 paylines, the chance of creating a match is much higher than your typical slots usually averaging between 10 to 25 paylines.

100-payline slots not only give you a vast number of lines to play with, but it is also likely to offer fixed lines. Non-fixed paylines require an additional wager to open them, which is the equivalent of one spin. Thanks to the fixed paylines, you can enjoy a large number of lines on the reels while minimizing the fee of having these lines active.  

5 Best 100-Payline Slots

Here are the best 100-payline slot games for you to get the best returns.

Slot NameDeveloperRTPVariance
Legend of CleopatraPlayson95.75%High
Playboy GoldMicrogaming96.00%Medium
Giants GoldWMS96.25%Low
Imperial Fruits: 100 LinesPlayson96.40%Medium
List of the most popular 100-payline slot games.

Legend of Cleopatra

Playson Software's Legend of Cleopatra takes a wild approach with the 100-payline mechanic by using an unusual 6x2x3x4x5 grid. Because of the grid structure, there are 100 ways to win in this game. Backing the game's unusual grid are the stacked symbols, allowing the game to fill one reel with the same symbol. One of the stacked symbols is the Gold Wild symbol, which can trigger one of the features with the right prerequisite. Legend of Cleopatra offers an RTP rate of 95.75% alongside a high variance and volatility.

One of the prominent features of the game is the Double Wild Reel, which you trigger when a reel is covered by the Wild symbol. This feature creates another wild reel, creating two wild reels in one spin.

Legend of Cleopatra's Bonus Game is the other interesting feature of the game. Upon triggering this mode, the reels flip and become a 6x5x4x3x2 grid structure. How can the reversed grid layout affect your gameplay? Having a 2x6 reel from the left makes it easy for you to create a large number of matches. It is important to note that the Double Wild reel also occurs during the bonus mode, opening the doors to large payouts thanks to the placement of two Wild reels.

Legend of Cleopatra (by Playson)
Legend of Cleopatra Slot Game, by Playson

Playboy Gold 

Expect a naughty and exciting time with Microgaming's Playboy Gold slot with its 5x6 reel grid. Playmates are the main attraction of the slots, which is why they are stacked symbols occupying three rows and are the highest paying symbols in the game. Playboy Gold embeds a payout rate of 96.00% and medium volatility.

What goes well with stacked symbols? A Wild bet multiplier symbol that comes in 2x, 3x, or the tastiest 5x flavor. Mix in 100-paylines, and you have a solid base game that can give you some good returns.

Your most anticipated feature of the game will be the Jumbo Wheel feature that you trigger with three stacked symbols lined up within the second, third, and fourth reel. When triggered, you can win 10 free spins or the four jackpots. One of the jackpot spaces includes the Golden Playboy symbol, which awards you the Grand Jackpot prize if you are lucky enough to land on the space.

Should you land on one of the Free-Game spaces, get ready for a parade of Playmate symbols. Each of your free games will have a guaranteed Jumbo Playmate Block symbol.  You can also extend the mode by triggering the Jumbo Wheel feature again for more free spins.

Giants Gold

With its Jack and the Beanstalk theme, Giant's Gold feature a normal 5x4 and a Colossal 5x12 reels with 100 lines. Giant's Gold also goes big with their symbols by providing stacked symbols. Expect ones that can fill one of the colossal reel's 12-rowed columns. Giants Gold sets a return-to-player rate of 96.25% and low variance.

There is a Wild Beanstalk Reel symbol that can cover a single reel within the normal 5x4 reel grid. When a Wild Reel takes up one entire column to the left, another Wild Reel appears on the colossal reel that completely covers 12 spaces of a single row.

Giant's Gold Colossal Reels play a central role when you activate the Free Spins mode of the game. In each of your free games, all matches made within the Colossal Reels are doubled. You can also extend the feature by having at least one Golden Egg Feature symbol appear on the reels for one free game. With the Wild Beanstalk Reel feature available in the Free Spins mode, you can rack up a large amount of cash payout within the Colossal Reels.

Massive Win At Giant's Gold

Imperial Fruits: 100 Lines

Imperial Fruits: 100 Lines from Playson takes a simpler approach with its fruit-slot theme and 5x4 reel grid. As a way to take advantage of the 4 rows, the slot has stacked symbols where similar ones can easily fill an entire reel. Imperial Fruits: 100 Lines has an RTP of 96.40% and medium variance.

One of its selling features is the Crown Wild symbol that appears on the second, third, and fourth reel. This wild symbol not only substitutes any non-scatter symbols but also expands and covers an entire reel if there is a possible match. Having a wild reel with stacked symbols allows you to make the most of the 100 paylines within the game.

Another feature to look for in this slot is the Scatter symbol that comes in Gold and Diamond flavors. Having at least three of the two Scatter symbols appear anywhere on the reels rewards you with a cash payout. While the Diamond scatter has a solid payout upon matching them, the Gold scatter offers the best single payout in the game when you have five of them on the screen.


WMS's Kiss multi-line slot machine uses a Main 5x4 reel and Colossal 5x12 reel in this tribute game for the legendary band. To complement the massive reel grid and 100 paylines are the stacked reels. Each symbol in the game can cover four rows of a reel, while the Kiss Member symbols can occupy 4 rows in the Main Reel and 8 rows within the Colossal Reel.

This slot's Stacked Group Wild symbol is one of the key features covering four spaces within the Main and Colossal Reel. If the Wild symbol occupies one entire reel, a random column within the Colossal reel gets a Wild reel. Take note that this feature can be triggered more than once in one spin. Should two reels get all four spaced filled with the Wild symbol, the Colossal Reel also gets two Wild reels.  

Another additional feature of the Wild symbols is the Nudge mechanic. Should a Stacked Wild symbol not fully cover a column within the Main Reel, it will move upwards or downward to fill the four rows. With the nudge feature, the chances of getting a Wild reel on the Colossal Reel are much higher than other similar slots.

WMS's Kiss enjoys an RTP rate of 95.55% and high volatility.

Tips & Strategies for 100-Payline Slots

When taking into account 100 online slot reels, there are several key points to take note of to maximize your bankroll.

Check the RTP and Variance

Each slot has two data points that are helpful to know:

  1. RTP (return to player), and
  2. variance (volatility).

Return-to-Player (RTP) is the amount you are expected to win after spinning the reels several times. Betting $100 on a slot with an RTP of 96% often leads to a return of $96.

Variance is a measure of the payout rate and wins consistency. High-variance games, for example, give you fewer wins with massive payouts, while low-variance ones offer numerous wins with low payouts.

Knowing the RTP and variance of the slot allows you to manage your bankroll to get the most out of your gaming experience.

Max Your Bets

One of the slot strategies that work for any player is to maximize your bet on any 100-payline game. While the risk of losing most of your bankroll for just a few spins is high, you are also maximizing every advantage you can get from a game.

Imagine triggering a slot's Free Spins mode with the lowest possible bet. You will likely get around 10% to 40% of your bankroll throughout the bonus mode of the game. If you are taking a good chunk of your bankroll upon entering the Free Spins mode, you can triple or quadruple your bankroll upon completing the bonus feature.

Play Free Slots

Take advantage of free online slots provided by a casino or review site. A demo version of a slot allows you to know what to expect from a game, including the rate at which a bonus feature is triggered after several spins.

Free slots also allow you to enjoy a game without the pressure of losing your money. This includes games with fun bonus features or themes.

strategies for 100-payline slots
Tips & Strategies for 100-Payline Slots

Slots With 100 Paylines: FAQ

To help you know more about 100-paylines, here are the most common questions about 100 paylines slots along with bite-sized answers for each of them.

What are 100-payline slots?

These are slots with 100 paylines to match the game's symbols. 100-payline slots are usually possible because of their unusual grid structure that breaks free from the common 5x3 reel. Traditional 100-payline slots usually have a 5x4 grid while uncommon ones use the main reel of 5x4 and colossal reel 5x12 grid to achieve 100 lines.

How much money do you need to open all 100 paylines?

Unlike 5-reel slots with 5 to 25 paylines, a majority of 100-paylines are fixed where you do not need to increase your bet to activate all lines. There are exceptions where specific 100-payline slots let you choose to decrease the number of lines active from 100, 80, 60, to 20. Decreasing the active paylines lets you decrease your bet in each spin.

Do 100-payline slots let you win more than other slots?

Every slot, including 100-payline games, offers a fair and reasonable chance at increasing your bankroll. Certain slots let you win most of your spins, but offer a small payout in most of your wins. Other 100-payline slots only allow you to win a few of your spins while providing a massive payout for each of your wins.

Is it better to max my bet for each spin when playing 100-payline slots?

By setting your bets to the maximum, you stand to gain the most out of a spin that triggers the bonus feature. Every bonus mode has the bet set in each free game according to the wager of your last spin. Max bets allow you to get the most out of the bonus mode while increasing your shot at the highest possible payout of a game.

Are 100-payline slots worth it?

100-payline slots offer a different experience from your usual 3-reel or 5-reel slot thanks to its massive number of lines. A good chunk of 100-payline games let you experience matching an unimaginable number of symbols within a single spin while others let you enjoy massive columns of stacked symbols and wild reels.

100-payline slots stay true to their promise, allowing you to match a massive number of symbols in one spin. These games also offer unusual features to take advantage of its large number of paylines such as double wild reels and more, giving you an exciting experience in each spin.