Five-Reel Slots

Check out the best five-reel slot games, why do slot players love five-reelers, and our top tips to pick the right 5-reel slot game when playing online.

Slots generally come with different configurations, and the most obvious one is their matrix (number of rows and reels). These configurations come with varying difficulties and features. Among the popular online slot configuration obtainable today is the five-reel slot setup. We will take an in-depth look at 5-reel slots and how you can make the most of them.

While 5-reels slot machine reels are the norm among casinos, software providers find ways to elevate the experience with their games. You have the likes of Betsoft who specializes in slots with 3D animations or video clips.

What Are Five-Reel Slots

The five-reel slot stands out by far as the most popular online slot type. To the classic 3-reel games, 5-reel slots add an extra two reels. More rows exist, which enables the player to hit more paylines available. In fact, 5-reel slots carry bonuses, some exciting and engaging themes, and mini-games today. Because the matrix is larger, five-reelers often offer a wide selection of symbols and features, too.

In several ways, developers categorize slot machines. One of those groupings is how many reels feature in the game. The number of paylines varies widely from game to game, depending on the developer's choice. However, a typical slot with 5 reels has 20 paylines, which is a good thing.

How Do 5-Reel Slots Work

The same rules run both old and new school slot machines, 5-reelers inclusive. Hence, the goal of the player is to form a winning combo on active paylines. There are vertical areas called the reels in the slot machines hosting the game's icons. However, with the retro slot, they rotate when the player hits the spin button.  There are five-reel slots with a higher number of paylines.

Also, higher paylines lets players build more winning combos. The paylines vary from 10 to 50 in 5-reel slots. However,  the ones with a higher number go all the way to 100 or more.

Pros & Cons of Five-Reelers

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Advantages of five-reel slots:

  • In general, a 5 reel slot will have more winning combos than a 3 reel slot
  • There are more functions than you can find on the standard 3 reel slot
  • Some slots have several paylines, between 243 and 1024 ways to win

Disadvantages of five-reel slots:

  • More nuanced in terms of gameplay, which may be a huge turnoff 5-reelers
  • have a Steeper learning curve. This is because of added features such as wild icons, scatters, bonus games, and more

5 Best Five-Reel Slot Games

In this section, we have outlined the best five-reel slot games you can find online. A quick summary of what you can expect is succinctly given.

Jurassic WorldMicrogaming96.76%Medium
Game of Thrones 243 LinesMicrogaming94.89%Medium
Avallon IIMicrogaming97%Medium
Blood SuckersNetEnt98%Low
Twin SpinNetEnt96.55%Medium/High
List of the top online 5-reel slots.

1. Jurassic World 

The Jurassic Park movie franchise inspired this slot which has a generous 96.76% RTP level, and medium volatility. The developers released Jurassic World to the public in the middle of 2017. However, since then, one of the most famous Microgaming casino titles has been Jurassic World. Also, it comes with 5 reels and integrates the 243 winning ways system instead of paylines. Furthermore, Betting limits are minimal, allowing $0.30 to $7.20 per spin for bets. For high rollers, this may not be appropriate, But it'll be cool for though casual players and mid rollers.

2. Game of Thrones 243 Ways

Designed by the popular Microgaming studios, Game of Thrones 243 Ways is a five-reel slot game offering an appealing 94.89% RTP rate and a mid variance. There are two distinct titles with this name, but the 243-ways-to-win one is our priority. In and of itself, 243 paylines is a true achievement!

This Microgaming title has a GOT theme, based on the film of the same title. Also, it comes with the regular five reels, and the 243 winning ways system. As such, this game removes conventional paylines. Thus, it allows you to form combinations by lining up symbols on adjacent reels simply. Symbols form from the leftmost reel, irrespective of the location they take on the reels. Bets start at $6.00 per spin, with a minimum of $0.30.

Demo of the GoT 243 Ways Slot Game

3. Avallon II

Developed by Microgaming, Avalon II is a sequel slot to the original Avalon title, with the classic Arthurian story theme. Avalon II is a modern video slot revolving around the medieval theme, with 5 slots and 243 ways to win. Avalon II pays back around 97%, which is considered a high RTP, as well as medium variance.

The betting limits may not be the most permissive, but they are definitely appropriate. Hence, the maximum goes up to $7.50 per spin. Jackpot features hit a 500x payout. And there are Expanding Wilds, Wilds, and a Bonus symbol regarding the special ones.

4. Blood Suckers

In the gothic Blood Suckers 5-reeler slot by NetEnt, you just might meet Dracula in person. If you dare, move inside, the gory dungeons are packed with ghoulish bonus features. The terrified bride will take you to the freaky free spins round. You'll likely get ten free spins with a 3x multiplier in this vampire-slaying slot. You can gamble on this Netent slot from 25p per spin. Blood Suckers embeds a very high RTP rate of 98% alongside low volatility.

Blood Suckers Slot Game By NetEnt
Blood Suckers Slot Game By NetEnt

5. Twin Spin

Twin Spin, by the legendary NetEnt studios, offers an RTP rate of 96.55% and mid-high variance. Twin Spin slot hits all the right notes with a classic aesthetic and solid gameplay. Also, this 5-reeler can offer you a great gambling experience. Twin Spin does not use the traditional payline scheme as it favors the 243-ways-to-win one. Bet from $0.25 per spin up to $125.

Strategy With 5-Reelers

Winning is largely dependent on chance. However, by learning how to play a 5-reeler well, you can improve your chances. Also, make sure you know how to select paylines before playing. Ensure to also know which the active paylines are. Furthermore, understanding the various symbols and attributes of a slot gives you an additional advantage.

Make sure that you understand what the 5 Reel slot contains. Additionally, know what the wild and scatter symbol is and what it does. In addition, you should know how to use spreads to maximize your wins. These are the only strategies a player needs.

History of 5-Reel Slots

The "Big Irish Luck" (a mechanical behemoth) was the first huge 5-reel slot machine. It featured bells, oranges, and 4-leaf cloves, and become well-known at Barney's Casino in Nevada.

The 5-reel slots came into view in the mid-90s decade, with the evolution of online slots. Online slot games with 5 reels dominate the most famous games. Five-reel online slots are well recognized today, with some even ranked as the best games. Moreso, 5-reelers are filled with great features that maximize the potential for payouts. Developers made the traditional slot machines with 3 mechanical reels. The "AWP"-styled slots are still run by several online casinos.

Five-Reelers: FAQ

Answers to the most common questions about five-reelers.

Are five-reel slots worth it?

Yes, 5 reel slots are totally worth it. However, a strong starting point for determining, which one is better is how much you win. Furthermore, the reality is - there are also higher rewards for 5-reel slots. The idea behind this is that it is also less common to win. In a 5-reel slot, there are more than eight different symbols most of the time.

Once you consider the possibility of making more from 5-reelers, it's quite clear they are worth it.

Do five-reel slot machines payout more?

Yes, 5-reel slot machines will pay out more. However, it is unrealistic to expect them to pay very often. The fact that five reels yield more winning combinations improves a player's chance to land one.

Also, 5 reel slots can handle more casino paylines as expected. So, there are more bonus features, plus second-screen bonus rounds thanks to having five reels. It is only fair that 5 reelers pay more because of their features.

What is a five-reeler in a casino?

A 5 reeler is simply another name for a 5 reel casino slot machine. This means that a casino game featuring 5 reels can also be called a 5 reeler. Although 3 or 5 reels come with the bulk of slot machines, they are not the standard.

There is no strict standard as to how many reels a game should have. There are plenty of titles that go against this standard and have more reels included.

Do five-reel slots have a higher return-to-player?

With major jackpots, 5-reel games also boast a higher RTP. Although return-to-player rates can vary, the slot volatility can vary as well. Furthermore, with better paytable prices, 5 reel slot machines have about 95 percent RTP. Also, RTP stands for a return to player, and you must check it before you play any slot.

Depending on the slot game type, there are two ways to determine the RTP. Either via a theoretical or simulated approach.

Are 5-reel slots harder to play?

When compared to other slots, five-reelers may be harder to play for some novice players. Furthermore, because of the multiple features and symbols, they are more challenging to play. Usually, 5-reel slots are unpredictable because it's much difficult to land a winning pay line.

Mainly, it is more challenging if the winning line has to start from the left-most reel. 3-reel slots are less challenging to play since it features only a few features and symbols.

Is five the maximum of reels in slots?

Although 3 or 5 reels come with most online and land-based slots, there could be more. There is no rule as to how many reels a game should have. However, the developers take the initiative to decide the number of reels to use.

There are plenty of titles that go against this standard and have more reels included. Some of those slots with more reels also have interesting features. However, they are not so popular.

Five-reel slots are definitely worth the try for any slot enthusiast. Although quite challenging as it is, it rewards players with the rush and the prizes. Most 5-reelers come with multiplier functions which can boost winnings up to 100x. When next you want to spin those reels, make sure to seek out a 5-reel slot.