High-RTP Slots

High-RTP slots offer gamblers more money for their time. So why on earth would a slot player not choose a high RTP game? Read and learn!

The return-to-player rate (RTP) is a major deciding factor among slot game players since this data affects the payout rate of their bet. The RTP rate of the slots you play should be a huge part of your slot strategy. This is why slots with the highest RTP possible attract numerous players.

Is the return percentage worth considering when picking a slot? Which games have the best return to the player? We answer those questions by discussing high RTP slots.

High RTP Slots Explained

Return To Player (RTP) is the rate a player can expect after playing a slot for a certain length of time. Slots with a high RTP are those with a return percentage of 97% to 99.5%. As you can see with the large percentage, players have the best possible edge over the casino with these slots.

Physical slots usually have the RTP shown on the machine itself along with other useful information such as the game's volatility. For online casino slots, you can find this info within the game's options menu. Most jurisdictions require casino operators and game developers to share the return-to-player rate publicly.

Example - If you are playing a game with an RTP of 95% and have bet a total of $100, your return should amount to $95 after spinning the reels several times. RTP is another term for the player's edge where the slot in the example gave you an edge of 95% and the house a 5% edge.

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What RTP rates are considered high?

Pros & Cons of High RTPs in Slots

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Does it pay to have a better edge than the house? Let us answer that with the pros and cons of playing slots with a high RTP.

Benefits of High RTP Slots

Bigger Long-Term Profit

One of the major advantages of high RTP slots is their profitability for a long period. This is a big deal for players since those who keep on playing will eventually lose to the house. In the case of games with high returns, you can reverse the house advantage and get better profits in the long run.

Easily Complete Wagering Requirements

New player promotions such as deposit bonuses or free spins. There is a catch for these bonuses. You need to wager the bonus or winnings you won from your free spins up to a certain amount.  A common wagering requirement is usually 40x the amount. If you got a bonus of $200, you need to wager about $8,000 worth of bets before you can withdraw it.

 A good way to reach the required amount is through slots with high RTP or qualified games with the best possible returns. Lowering the risk allows you to clear the wagering requirement with most of your bonus intact.

Drawbacks of High RTP Slots

Not Eligible for Promotions

Casinos often hold slot tournaments where players compete to win the most credit in a qualifying game. Unfortunately, high-RTP slots are often excluded from these promotions since operators use this promotion on medium or low RTP games.

Lack of High Payout Opportunities

With a large edge advantage against the house, why do casino players favor slots with lower RTP and higher variance? It is the lack of a large return on your bets. One notable factor that is common among high-RTP slots is how they have fewer features than other games such as progressive jackpots except for certain titles.

Playing slots with high returns usually results in a slight increase of your total wager, which often occurs after playing the game for a significantly long period. On the other hand, lucky players can double or quadruple their bets after playing low-RTP high-variance slots for a short period.

Top 10 High-RTP Slots

Are you looking to get the edge over the house? Here are the best high-RTP slot games for you to get the best returns.

Mega JokerNetEnt99%
Ocean PrincessPlaytech99.1%
Nemo's VoyageWMS99%
Cosmic Quest 2: Mystery Planets Rival Powered98.95%
Jackpot 6000NetEnt98.9%
1429 Uncharted SeasThunderkick98.6%
Joker StrikeQuickspin98.11%
RagnarokGenesis Gaming98%
JokerizerYggdrasil Gaming98%
StarmaniaNextGen Gaming97.87%
Top 10 High RTP Games

1. Mega Joker (NetEnt, RTP 99%)

Mega Joker (NetEnt) logo

To kick-start our list, we have Mega Joker from NetEnt, which offers a staggering 99% RTP because of its unique Supermeter feature. This slot has two 3x3 reels with five paylines. You start by spinning the bottom reels until you get a win. Your winnings are turned into credits for the Supermeter or the top reel, where the payouts are much higher.

Mega Joker is one of the rarest high-RTP slots with a progressive jackpot, which is triggered by a random draw. Another feature is the Joker symbols that reward players with random cash prizes that can reach up to 2,000 coins.

2. Ocean Princess (Playtech, RTP 99.1%)

Breaking away from the traditional slot is Playtech's Ocean Princess that has 5 rows of three reels. This slot's reel structure gives way to the "hold" feature for each of the three reels. After spinning the reels, you have the option of holding one or all three of the reels. Doing so will place the same symbols on each of the five-row and will stay put while the rest spins on your next spin.

With Ocean Princess' hold feature, it is easy to create matches with each spin. To answer what you are likely thinking, it is possible to hold all three reels when the same symbols appear and fill the whole 3x5 reels with one type of symbol for a massive win.

3. Nemo's Voyage (WMS, RTP 99%)

Wild symbols are the notable feature of Nemo's Voyage from WMS since there are five kinds available here. One of the four wilds is triggered when the submarine on the right side descends a certain level.

  1. Multiplier Wilds triple matches made with the symbol.
  2. Pressurized Wilds can expand up to three rows when it lands on the reels.
  3. Clumped Wilds are three stacked wilds.
  4. Wild Reels can take up all four rows on the reels.

A fifth Wild symbol appears in the bonus mode of Nemo's Voyage: the Sticky Wild. When a Wild symbol appears, it stays put throughout the rest of the free spins.

4. Cosmic Quest 2: Mystery Planets (Rival Powered, 98.95%)

In space where the house edge is only 1.05%, Rival Powered's Cosmic Quest 2 features an Expanding Wild symbol that can cover an entire reel. Two bonus features can be triggered by having three or more of the "Scatterstronaut" symbols appear on the reels. One of these features is a Random Win mode where you can get a random cash prize.

Skill Play is the second bonus feature that makes Cosmic Quest 2 stand out. During the skill-gaming mode, you move a spaceship through a cavernous passage filled with obstructions. Your payout is equal to the distance you can cover with your ship. If you can complete the journey by reaching the landing pad, you win the highest possible payout.

5. Jackpot 6000 (NetEnt, RTP 98.9%)

NetEnt Jackpot 6000 Logo

Jackpot 6000 is another iteration of NetEnt's Mega Joker that features Joker symbols and a Supermeter. Having three Joker symbols lined-up horizontally or diagonally guarantees a 6000 jackpot prize. Also, winnings from any match add credit to the Supermeter that has a higher payout and has the Mystery Win feature where you can get 10 to 6,000 coins for having two Joker symbols appear on the reels.

One exclusive feature of Jackpot 6000 that is absent from Mega Joker is the Gamble mini-game where you choose which side of the coin will land on. Making the right choice in the mini-game doubles your winnings.

6. 1429 Uncharted Seas (Thunderkick, RTP 98.6%)

Designed as a 14th-century map, 1429 Uncharted Seas wins the best style among the high-RTP slots in this list. One of the standout designs is the Expanding Wilds that grows from a singular ship to a singular ship becoming dinner to a sea serpent when it expands to cover the entire reel.

Having three or more Bonus symbols appear on the reels triggers the free spins mode where you can get up to 50 free games if you have five Compass symbols on the reels. You can retrigger the free spins mode when you have the Bonus symbols appear again during any of your free games.

7. Joker Strike (Quickspin, RTP 98.11%)

Quickspin takes a different approach on the joker theme with their Joker Strike. Any wins in this slot trigger the titular Joker Strike, which involves a square wheel integrated on the reel's frame. Landing on the Joker symbol will create two Joker Strike symbols that land in random spaces for each Joker Strike symbol on the reels.

Hi Roller is the unique feature of Joker Strike that gives you three options:

  1. €20 for 5 spins and a guaranteed wild for each spin.
  2. €30 for 5 spins, a guaranteed wild, and additional Wild Strike on the outer reels during the Joker Strike feature.
  3. €50 for 5 spins with all of the features from the other options as well as a double chance to hit the joker symbol during the Joker Strike feature.

8. Ragnarok (Genesis Gaming, RTP 98%)

Asgardian-themed Ragnarok from Genesis Gaming has three bonus features you can choose from.

Thor Feature in this mode, you receive eight free spins. Every match with a Wild symbol is tripled. You can gain 15 more free spins when three or more scatter symbols land on the reels during your free spins.

Freyr Feature Choose up to three out of five spots to attack Surtr. Each spot rewards you with a random cash prize. There is also a multiplier hidden among the 5 spots that can multiply all of your winnings by up to 10x.

Odin Feature Players receive eight free spins in this feature with a chance of Rune symbols landing on the reels. When a Rune appears on the reel, you can choose either a Credit Award or Game Symbol. You can also win 15 more free spins if you get three Scatter symbols on the reels.

9. Jokerizer (Yggdrasil Gaming, RTP 98%)

Joker symbols appear again in Jokerizer from Yggdrasil and are the game's major feature. Having three Jokers appear on the three reels can grant you 1,000 to 6,000 coins while matching the three diagonally or horizontally can grant you a guaranteed 6,000-coin cash prize.

Any matches you make in Jokerizer triggers the Jokerizer Mode where you can get a Mystery Win from having only two Joker symbols on the reels. Mystery Wins can award you 20 to 6,000 coins.

10. Starmania (NextGen Gaming, RTP 97.87%)

NextGen Gaming's Starmania features 5x3 reels and 10 paylines that have a Pay Both Ways feature. With the Both Ways mechanic, you can match symbols from left to right and right to left that opens major payout possibilities when you have five similar symbols in each reel.

When three or more bonus symbols appear on the reels, you trigger the bonus feature that gives you 10 free spins. Stacked wild symbols appear on the second, third, and fourth reels during the bonus feature.

High RTP Slots vs Low RTP Slots

When it comes to games with a high RTP, you are paying for a consistent payout over a long period. While the prospect of winning a majority of spins sounds like an exciting money-making opportunity, the returns on those wins are not as high as you might expect. Chances of your total bet amount doubling while playing slots with a high return are significantly slim.

On the other hand, you have low RTP slots that can quadruple a player's total bankroll in just a few spins. Certain individuals were lucky enough to get a life-changing progressive jackpot prize after just one spin. Of course, the chances of both scenarios happening are also incredibly small.

Every online casino slot or physical slot machine offers nearly identical chances of growing your bankroll or getting a massive jackpot payout. RTPs do not translate to guaranteed profitable winnings. It essentially means that the slot caters to certain players as well as a means to complete the wagering requirement.

One takeaway from this portion is to avoid limiting your choices of slot based on their RTP. Otherwise, you might miss out on games that might appeal to your preferences such as Betsoft's 3D slots or any of Yggdrasil game's unique features.

Should you always pick high RTP games?
Should you always pick high RTP games?

High RTP slots provide an opportunity for players to get the best possible edge against the house with a good return on their bets after several spins. However, these games still have the same probability of a large payout with other slots regardless of their return percentage.

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