Medium-RTP Slots

Medium-RTP slots offer good returns alongside good jackpots. Should you still favor higher RTP slot games or stick to medium ones?

Medium-RTP slots have an appeal among casino patrons that goes beyond the promise of high returns. Medium RTP games are among the most played types of slots. Furthermore, these slot games provide a better return than low-RTP games and not too bad compared to high-RTP games.

Are the features enough to make you want to play them? Let us answer that question by discussing medium-RTP slots in detail.

Medium-RTP Slots Explained

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Every slot has a return-to-player (RTP) rate that shows the possible returns you can expect from a game. If you were to bet $100 on a slot with an RTP of 98%, you are likely to get a return of $98 after several spins. You can also consider this as the player's edge over the casino where the house only has an edge of 2% for a slot with an RTP of 98%.

In regards to mid-range RTP slots, they tend to have a return of 95% to 97% return to the players. This rate offers a decent edge against the house than low-RTP slots.

There are several reasons why mid-range RTP slots have lower returns than high-RTP slots such as having more low-paying symbols than high-paying ones. It is important to note that players need to spin the reels several times to achieve the expected payout of medium-RTP slots since the high cash prizes of these games have a slightly low probability of triggering.

Pros & Cons of Medium-RTP Slots

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While the returns are moderate among medium-RTP slots, there are various reasons why players still want to play them. At the same time, these slots have their limitations that can change your mind.


Casino patrons are likely to gravitate toward new slots with the latest gameplay features such as 7x7 reels with a cluster pay mechanic. Slots with these features tend to have an RTP of less than 97%. Even with a high house edge, players still want to experience certain slot interesting features even if they are less likely to double their bankroll.

Slot themes are also a major attraction for various people where games use licensed voice and sound samples as well as video clips of TV shows and movies. A rich selection of medium-RTP slots uses licensed themes to their gameplay such as Microgaming's Terminator 2 with an RTP of 96.62%.

Apart from features and themes, medium-RTP slots tend to have high to medium variance. These variances usually result in decent risk-vs-reward gameplay where your chances of doubling your bankroll with just a few spins are higher when laying mid-RTP slots.

Given the rate of returns and its risk factor, medium-RTP slots are suitable to complete the wagering requirements among US online casinos. You have a good chance of withdrawing your online casino bonuses by betting them on mid-RTP games.


Remember that medium-RTP slots consisting of high-medium variance rates, which means there a significant risk is when playing mid-range RTP slots. You can lose your bankroll or increase your money after several spins due to the RTP and variance rate of these slots, which is not ideal for major risk-takers.

By being within a mid-RTP range, these slots do not provide the same consistent wins as high-RTP slots where a large percentage of your spins are hit or have a payout rate. You are also less likely to find progressive slots that reward a massive fortune among medium-RTP slots.  Overall, slots with moderate returns are not suitable for those looking for numerous wins or high payouts.

Medium-RTP Slots: Pros & Cons
Medium-RTP Slots: Pros & Cons

Top 5 Best Medium-RTP Slots

To illustrate medium-RTP slot advantages, here are five of the best games within this category.

Moriarty MegawaysiSoftBet95.98%
Fruity Joker Hot SlotFazi96.02%
Lightning ShenlongLightning Box96.13%
Run AmuckHigh 5 Games96%
Wolf GoldPragmatic Play96.01%
Top 5 Medium RTP Games

1. Moriarty Megaways

ISoftBet's Moriarty Megaways offers a 95.98% RTP rate. The defining feature is the reel structure of 6x2x7 with an incredible 352,947 Megaways payline mechanic. Taking advantage of the reel structure is the game's cluster-pay feature that lets you match similar symbols adjacent to each other. All matched symbols are cleared to make way for new symbols, giving you a small free spin.

Moriarty Megaways has a robust Free Spins mode with two hidden reels: Watson and Sherlock. The two hidden reels are unlocked when a Watson or Sherlock symbol appears on the reels three times. In the Watson Reels, Stacked Mystery Symbols appear on the reels that turn into the same symbol to generate a large payout. During the Sherlock Reels, you get a guaranteed 117,649 Megaways to feature active.

Another feature of the Free Spins mode is the Multiplier which increases each time you create matches. Matches made within the two hidden reels also contribute to the multiplier of the bonus mode.

2. Fruity Joker Hot Slot

Fazi takes a simple and direct approach with its Fruity Joker Hot slot with its 5x3 reels and 20 fixed paylines. It offers an RTP rate of 96.02%. Fruit Joker Hot slot is one of Fazi's best online slots with a medium-RTP rate.

Fruity Joker Hot's main feature is the Gold Joker Wild symbol that substitutes all non-scatter symbols and rewarding the highest possible payout of 15,000 coins. Fruity Joker Hot's Star Scatter symbol is its second major feature, which can be matched anywhere while having the best possible payout of 80,000 coins.

We picked this game because it has one of the best medium-RTP slots payouts with its Mystery Jackpot progressive award. This slot's jackpot prize is randomly triggered, making each spin an exciting one.

3. Lightning Shenlong

Lightning Shenlong from Lightning Box uses a 5x3 reel structure, a 243-ways payline feature, and an RTP rate of 96.13%. Like other Lightning Box releases, this game has a Lightning Re-spin that you trigger with 6 or more blue Lightning Box symbols on the reels. Triggering the feature gives you the cash prize amount in each box within the active reels and 3 re-spins.

Fixed jackpots are also present in the game with four different payouts: Mini, Minor, Major, and Grand. You can win either of the jackpots by matching one of the four Jackpot symbols on the reels.

4. Run Amuck

Taking cluster pays to the next level, Run Amuck from High 5 Games uses a Racking Up Riches feature that lets you match similar symbols adjacent to each other. Upon matching the symbols, they clump together to form a grouped symbol while removing all other symbols on the reels. Run Amuck has a medium RTP rate of 96%.

Take note that in usual cluster-pay slots, all matched symbols are taken out of the reels. In Run Amuck though, the matched symbols remain while everything else is out of the 7x7 reels. This mechanic opens the door to intense moments where matched group symbols keep growing and growing.  

5. Wolf Gold

Hailed as one of the popular online medium-RTP slots among long-time casino patrons, Wolf Gold from Pragmatic Play offers straightforward gameplay with its Wolf Wild symbol and Scatter symbol. The RTP rate is 96.01%.

During the Free-Spins mode upon matching three or more scatter symbols, the second, third and fourth reel is filled with a 3x3 symbol during each of the free spins. Large payouts are possible when you get the giant Wild Wolf symbol in the middle.

Wolf Gold also has a Money Re-Spin Feature that triggers when there are six or more Blue Moon symbols on the reel. During this feature, all symbols are replaced with an empty blue background, and you are given three tries. Each time space is filled with a Blue Moon symbol, you get a free spin. You get the total cash prize amount of each Blue Moon symbol when you use all of your free spins. Should you fill all reels, you qualify for one of the three jackpots.

Slots With Medium RTP: FAQ

Answers to the most common questions about slots with a medium return to player rate.

What are Medium-RTP slots?

Slots with an RTP range of 95% to 97% are considered medium-RTP slots. With this RTP rate, mid-ranged RTP slots offer a decent return on your bet after a period. A bet of $100 in medium-RTP slots can lead to a return of $95 to $97 after several spins.

How does RTP affect the wagering requirement?

Deposit bonuses and winnings made from free games need to be wagered several times before you can withdraw them. This is why high-RTP slots contribute less to clearing the required amount. Fortunately, medium-RTP slots offer better odds at completing the wagering requirement while providing a decent contribution to the amount. 

Is medium RTP the same as medium variance?

No, variance is the rate a slot pays out. High-variance slots have a low win percentage among several spins while offering high payouts while low-variance games provide a high win percentage with small payout rates. Medium-RTP slots tend to have a high-medium variance rate, which allows for a decent return and good risk-vs-reward factor.

Are the return rates in each slot a guarantee when you play long enough?

An RTP data is simply a probability of how much you are likely to win after spinning the reels several times. However, the return set by the game is not a guarantee. Spending $100 on a slot with an RTP of 97% can result in a return of $180 or $20 after playing it for a period.

Are medium-RTP slots better than others?

When you want a decent payout rate and win percentage for every spin, medium-RTP slots are worth playing. You are also likely to enjoy the rich selection of these slots that offer unique gameplay functions and bonuses. A wide variety of medium-RTP slots are themed after movies, TV shows, music bands, and celebrities, providing you with better entertainment value than high-RTP slots.

Will casinos close your account if you get a large payout from medium-RTP slots?

Getting a major payout from several of your spins (including ones that trigger a slot's major feature) will not get your account limited or closed by the casino. Operators only look for players who are unnaturally winning 90% of their spins and will block their accounts if they are found to be using an exploit.

Do medium-RTP slots pay out more at night?

Every digitized slot uses a complex algorithm to determine the results of each spin. This algorithm does not take into account the time of day when deciding which symbols will land on the reels.

Medium-RTP slots offer a mid-range return rate for its gameplay. In exchange for its RTP, the variance rate of these slots provides you with better payouts and entertaining slot gameplay features.