Slots Terminology

Slot machine terms are confusing to novice slot payers. Browse our comprehensive list of slot machine terminology and be familiar with slots lingo.

Slot machine terms are confusing to novice slot payers. Browse our comprehensive definitions of slots terminology and be familiar with the slot machine world's slang and lingo.

We prepare a definitive guide to the common words used in the world of video slots, online slots, and casino slot machines, so you can understand all of our how-to slots guides. From slots symbols and slots features to types of slot machines, it is important to understand what you read about this fascinating casino game.

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243 ways to winA video slot with a fixed payline of 243. A win is triggered when 3 or more matching symbols appear on a payline.Slot Machine Type
3-reel slotA slot machine type with a configuration of 3 vertical spinning reels.Slot Machine Type
3D video slotsAn online video slot designed with 3D visual graphics effects.Slot Machine Type
5-reel slotA slot machine type with a configuration of 5 vertical spinning reels.Slot Machine Type
actionThe cumulative amount of wagered money on a particular slot over a period of time. Slang
active paylineThe winning paylines that are active in play.Gameplay
all-ways slotsSlots with no fixed payline. The beauty of all ways slot is the large number of ways you can win .Slot Machine Type
annuity winnerA lottery annuity winner takes annual installment payments of the prize money overtime. This is opposed to a lump sum payment at once.Advanced Concept
auto playA function that allows you to automatically spin the slot reels continuously for a set amount of time. Gameplay
autospinSimilar to autoplay. Autospin allows you set a predetermined number of spins per play. Gameplay
AWPAWP stands for Amusement with Prize. This is a british style slot machine often referred to as Fruit machines .Slot Machine Type
barA traditional slot reel symbol.Gameplay
basic slotsSingle coin slot machines with one payline and a fixed jackpot, if any.Slot Machine Type
betThe wagered amount per spin.Gameplay
bet maxThe maximum amount you can bet per spin.Gameplay
bet minThe minimum amount you can bet per spin.Gameplay
bet oneMeans that you can only bet one coin or credit per spin.Gameplay
bet per lineThe bet wagered per line for each spin.Gameplay
betting unitsUnits or credits used to place bets.Gameplay
big berthaA huge casino slot machine with multiple reels. They are usually used for getting people's attention at the casino.Slang
big hitA huge win at the slots. A jackpot win can be termed a big hit.Slang
bonus featureReward features that comes with game play. They include Free spins, re-spins, expanding wilds and many more.Gameplay
bonus multiplierA feature that multiples your win by a number during a bonus round.Gameplay
bonus roundA reward feature that gifts a bonus game round. Gameplay
branded slotsSlots whose themes are inspired by famous figures, movies, TV shows, and other franchises. Slot Machine Type
buy a featureA feature that allows you to buy your access into bonus games.Gameplay
buy a payA slot machine type that requires you to insert more coins to unlock more winning combinations.Gameplay
candleSignaling blinking lights on the top of a slot machine.Basic Concept
carouselThe arrangement or grouping of multiple slot machines.Basic Concept
cascading reelsAlso known as avalanche slot. Such slots feature more than one payline.Gameplay
cash outThe act of withdrawing slot winnings.Slang
cashbackA refund of a percentage of your bets regardless of a win or loss.Basic Concept
casino bonusBonuses given by casinos to help your betting portfolio. Gameplay
certified slotsSlots that has been certified by regulatory bodies to be provably fair.Slot Machine Type
classic slotsSlots that make use of random number generators to output results.Slot Machine Type
coin hopperThe part of the slot machine that dispenses won coins. Advanced Concept
coin inRefers to the total amount of bets made.Advanced Concept
coin outRefers to total winnings on the coins in.Advanced Concept
coin sizeThe coin amount you need to play at a slot machine.Basic Concept
coin slotAn opening in a physical slot machine for inserting of stacked coins.Basic Concept
coinsThe medium of wager on slot games. They are also referred to as slot credits.Basic Concept
cold machine>Slot machines that rarely reward players with winning.Slang
cold slotsSlots that do not payout frequently. They are also known as tight slots.Slang
collectThe act of converting coins or credits to physical cash.Basic Concept
collect buttonA button that is used to convert slot credits to cash.Gameplay
compsRewards and benefits given to top slot players by the casino.Advanced Concept
console slot machines>Slot machine types with added features for players' comfort.Advanced Concept
credit meterA visual gauge that tracks the balance of the player's credits.Basic Concept
creditsThe converted coins or cash inserted into the slot machine.Basic Concept
denominationThe unit of each coin or credit that can be used to wager on a particular slot.Basic Concept
doublesMultiplier symbols that double the pay table's winning.Gameplay
dragonfishA casino gaming company that deals with online casino games.Advanced Concept
drop bucketA bucket at the base of the slot machine used for collecting excess coins.Advanced Concept
dropsThe total amount of coins in a drop bucket.Advanced Concept
EGMStands for Electronic Gaming Machines like slots.Slot Machine Type
expanding wildsWild symbols that can substitute for all symbols on the reels at a go.Gameplay
The elements of a slot like the paylines, symbols, bonuses, and more.feature
fillDrawing a card to make a hand of 5 in video poker.Advanced Concept
five-linerA five-liner is a slot machine featuring 3 reels that allow players to win on up to five payout lines.Slot Machine Type
fixed jackpotA non-progressive jackpot with a fixed amount to be won.Slot Machine Type
fixed-value slots>Slot machines whose coin size or bet amount can't be altered.Slot Machine Type
free spinsA free spin is a slot bonus feature that allows bettors to spins for free.Gameplay
free-to-playA scenario in which players can play without risking any amount.Basic Concept
freeplayA free slot game.Slot Machine Type
fruit machineA slot machine with a fruit-theme, or featuring fruit symbols.Slot Machine Type
gambleTo gamble means to stake an amount of money or something of value in hope of making more if a predicted outcome of an event is correct.Gameplay
gamble featureA bonus feature that allows players to choose one of two outcomes. The right outcome doubles winnings, while the wrong outcomes lead to a loss of already existing wins.Gameplay
games per hourThe number of slot games a player can play per hour.Basic Concept
hammer a machineTo play a specific slot for a long time.Slang
high volatilityA high difference between the maximum and minimum win amount.Advanced Concept
hitThe rate a slot player is expected to get a winning combination.Advanced Concept
hit and runA hit and run is a player who plays one payline in a slot with the max bet for a few spins, then runs off to another slot machine.Slang
hit frequencyThe average amount of times a slot machine is expected to pay out.Advanced Concept
hold percentageHow much of a bettors money is kept by the casino. It is also called the house edge.Advanced Concept
hopperAllows players to put the results of one or more reels on hold as they try to improve results by spinning the other reels.Gameplay
hot machineA hot slot machine is considered to have the highest winning frequency.Slang
hot slotsSlots that are more likely to payout often.Slang
i-slotA new slot development by Rival Gaming spotting 5 reels and 15 paylines.Slot Machine Type
iconsThe symbols found in slots. Popular icons include fruits and card symbols.Basic Concept
IGTThe acronym for the name of a leading casino game developer called International Game Technology. Advanced Concept
instant winnerA jackpot that pays on the spot rather than those paid over a fixed number of years.Advanced Concept
jackpotThe top prize payable by a slot machine.Slang
leverA slot lever is an arm attached to the right side of a slot machine. This is used for spinning the reels.Basic Concept
lineAlso referred to as a payline, it is the winning combination of symbols in a slot game.Basic Concept
line betThe active payline on the slot.Gameplay
linked progressive jackpotThe linking of two or more slot machines with the same progressive jackpot.Advanced Concept
loose slotA slot that is assumed to pay out lots of money.Slang
low levelA physical slot variant that can be played while sitting.Slang
low volatilityFeature of a slots payout frequency. Low volatility means the slot pays out more but with smaller prizes.Advanced Concept
max betThe highest bet you can place per spin on a slot game.Gameplay
maximum betThe highest amount a player can stake.Gameplay
MEAL bookStands for Machine Entry Authorization Log. This is an entry log of casino employees into the slot machine.Advanced Concept
mechanical slotsPhysical slots with mechanical configurations and a lever crank to spin the reels.Slot Machine Type
mega fortuneA progressive jackpot slot from NetEnt.Slot Machine Type
mega moolahA 5-reel by 3-row progressive jackpot slot.Slot Machine Type
megabucksA slot machine that needs a maximum of $3 stake to win the jackpot.Slot Machine Type
megawaysA slot design with 117,649 ways to win.Slot Machine Type
microgamingOne of the earliest casino gaming software company.Advanced Concept
minimum betThe lowest amount a player can stake.Basic Concept
mobile slots>Slot games that are playable on mobile devices.Slot Machine Type
multi-line bonus slot machineA video slot machine with more than a single payline and has at least one bonus symbol.Slot Machine Type
multi-line slots>Slot machines that feature more than one payline.Slot Machine Type
multi-wayVideo slot machines with several winning ways.Slot Machine Type
multiplierA multiplier is a bonus feature in slots that allow wins to be multiplied by a fixed number.Gameplay
near missA near miss occurs when a winning combo almost lands on a slot.Slang
netentA Swedish gaming company that develops online casino gaming software such as slots.Advanced Concept
nextgenAn Australian gaming company that develops casino gaming software.Advanced Concept
nudgeA nudge is a small push either up or down to make a combo.Advanced Concept
nudge slotA nudge slot helps to move a winning combo either up or down the tiny nudge it needs.Advanced Concept
one-armed banditA one-armed bandit is simply a slang used by slot players for slot machines.Slang
one-linerA single-payline slot where players must line up 3 symbols to get a win.Slot Machine Type
onesiesA slang used by slot players to describe other players who never bet higher than one credit at a time. Slang
online slotsVideo slot games played over the internet.Slot Machine Type
optimal playA slot term used in reference to adopting the best slot strategy or the best form of play.Advanced Concept
pay lineA payline refers to slot lines where winning combinations must land to form a win.Basic Concept
pay tableA paytable is a table that outlines all winning combinations and their win values.Basic Concept
payback percentageThe value of money that must be returned to slot players by a slot machine over a time frame.Advanced Concept
payoutThe amount to be won for a specific slot machine winning combination.Basic Concept
payout percentageThe percentage of money a slot paid out in winnings to players after a period of time.Advanced Concept
penny slotsA penny slot game is one that allows you bet 1 cent on a single payline.Slot Machine Type
pick meA bonus feature that allows players to select the desired object.Gameplay
playtechAn online casino software company that started in 1999.Advanced Concept
pokiesA term used by Australians in reference to slot machines.Slang
primary jackpotA primary jackpot represents the highest prize of payout that can be won by a player on a specific slot machine.Basic Concept
progressive jackpotA progressive jackpot is a kind of jackpot that keeps increasing every time it isn't won.Basic Concept
progressive slot machinesA progressive slot machine keeps growing its prize money until a player wins naturally.Basic Concept
random number generator (rng)Software that outputs numbers as randomly as possible.Advanced Concept
reel stopA reel stop is a single position on a slot machine reel.Basic Concept
reelsDisks with symbols that spin inside a slot machine window.Basic Concept
return to player rate (rtp)Return to Player refers to the percentage of all wagered funds that will be paid to players in winnings for a given slot.Advanced Concept
rowsThe horizontal arrangements of symbols in a slot game.Basic Concept
scatterA scatter is a slot symbol that can show up anywhere in the gaming reels and still make a win.Gameplay
scatter paySlots with a scatter pay feature poses specific symbols on the gaming reels that will payout regardless of what symbols are within it.Gameplay
scatter symbolA slot symbol that can show up anywhere in the gaming reels and provides a win.Gameplay
second screen bonusBonuses triggered by specific winning combinations that take players to a second screen. Gameplay
select linesThe number of paylines selected in a game of slots.Gameplay
short payA partial slot payout that is below the amount won.Basic Concept
short winA short win is when a player gets a massive jackpot from a short play.Slang
signature slotsA signature slot is a brand of slot owned specifically by a casino.Slot Machine Type
skill bonusA skill bonus is a bonus earned as a result of a slot player's skill.Gameplay
skill stopA skill stop is a special feature in slots that allows players to stop the spinning reels anytime they want in a game.Gameplay
slant top>Slot machine designs that make the player slant or bend due to the armrest.Slang
slot clubA membership program offered by casinos to slot players where they can win prizes for playing slot games.Basic Concept
slot hostA slot host has the responsibility of welcoming and assisting players.Basic Concept
slot scheduleA slot schedule shows the slot winning payout combo and the paired payout amount.Basic Concept
slot talkSlang used by slot players in reference to sharing slot information.Slang
slot testingThe process of evaluating a specific slot to find out its RTP.Basic Concept
slot tournamentA slot tournament refers to a competition where slot players compete for a particular prize at a pool of online slots.Basic Concept
slot typeA type of slot a player choose to play be it progressive, basic slots, or bonus slots.Basic Concept
slotsA form of casino game with a set of spinning reels and several symbols.Basic Concept
slots dropA term used in reference to the amount of money played via a slot machine.Slang
slots holdThe amount of money that slots do not pay back to players as wins.Basic Concept
sound of rainThe noise made by coins pouring when a slot player makes a win.Slang
spinPulling the lever or clicking on the spin button will trigger a spin in slots.Basic Concept
stacked symbols>Slot symbols landing on each other to create wins or trigger bonuses.Gameplay
stacked wildsWild symbols that land on each other in a slot game.Gameplay
stand upA stand up is a casino arrangement with no chairs or stools for players to sit and play.Slang
streaky slots>Slot machines that are known to have cold and hot moments.Slang
symbolIcons or illustrations found on slot reels.Basic Concept
take/pay cycleThe take/pay cycle is based on the belief that slots pay according to a specific cycle or the amount of coin wagered on them.Advanced Concept
tasteA tiny amount paid to a player to encourage them to keep playing.Slang
theoretical hold worksheetA document issued by a slot provider stating the theoretical percentage it should payout depending on the amount wagered.Advanced Concept
three-linerA slot machine featuring three reels that require lining up three identical symbols for a win.Slot Machine Type
tight slots>Slot machines known to pay out less frequently than other slots.Slang
tiltAn electromechanical switch that can be triggered when a slot is tampered with.Advanced Concept
tito, ticket in ticket outA system designed to issue a ticket containing the winning amount each time a player cashes out from a slot.Basic Concept
total betThe value of credits played on a slot at a go.Basic Concept
trailA bonus feature of some slots that involves the unlocking of levels for a final prize.Gameplay
tumbling reelsSlots with tumbling reels offer players a chance to win more after every winning combination.Slot Machine Type
two-liner>Slot machines that feature no more than two reels.Slot Machine Type
up / down slot cycleThe up / down slot cycle refers to the fluctuations that occur in a slots payout percentage for a period of time.Advanced Concept
varianceAn expected range between losing and winning in a slot game.Advanced Concept
video slotsSlots with computerized reels rather than physical reels found in some classic slots.Slot Machine Type
virtual reelA technology allowing the RNG function to be more random in a slot machine.Slot Machine Type
volatilityThe amount of risk in playing a casino game.Advanced Concept
wagerMoney bet in a casino or on a casino game.Basic Concept
wager managementA method of managing a player's betting bankroll.Advanced Concept
weight countThe total amount of tokens or coins removed from a slot's coin drop bucket.Basic Concept
wellA collection bin under a slot machine where coins drop into during a cashout.Basic Concept
wide area progressive (WAP)>Slot machines found in different casinos but linked together by a single large jackpot.Slot Machine Type
wild multiplierMultiplier values attached to a wild symbol when triggered.Gameplay
wild symbolA slot symbol that substitutes for almost all other slot icons except the scatter symbol. Gameplay
winA win refers to earning a winning amount in a game of slot.Gameplay
win-both-waysSlots that allow slot players to win both from left-to-right and from right-to-left.Gameplay
winning combinationSymbol combinations that help to trigger a win in slots.Gameplay
zig-zagThe lines that can be formed on multi-line slot machines which is usually in a zigzag pattern.Gameplay
Definitions of common slot terms.

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