I-Slots (Interactive Slots)

I-Slots are online slots with drawn-out cut scenes followed by a mini-game. Playing interactive slots online comes with many bonus features.

Interactive Slots, or I-Slots, adds a layer of intrigue, mystery, action, and comedy to your regular online slots games. I-Slots really make each spin more exciting.

We take a close look at how it feels to be playing I-Slots online to let you know the game's mechanics and whether or not they are worth wagering your money on.

What Are I-Slots

I-Slots are online slots with drawn-out cut scenes followed by a mini-game. You can advance the story by completing specific game modes, which are triggered when you match bonus, scatter, or special symbols. Progressing in the story usually involves making the right choices or matching specific symbols. Other mini-games are skill-based, as opposed to random, which allows players to have more control over the outcome of their gamble. The strategy for interactive slots is totally different from your regular online slot tips.

As players progress through the story, they are rewarded for moving the story forward. Rewards usually consist of instant cash payouts. Completing the story or the last stage leads to better rewards including free spins with bet multipliers. In most I-Slots, the non-progressive jackpot or highest possible payout is within the games' unique stages.

Themes among I-Slots widely vary, just as with regular online slot games. You have bank robbers trying to pull off heists while another takes you on a journey through time. Characters' fate, as well as your bankroll in each I-Slots game, depends on the player's choice and luck.

Watch An i-Slot Game

To illustrate a typical I-Slot game, here is a gameplay video of As the Reels Turn 2.

Stream of As the Reels Turn 2

Symbols on the reels consist of character frames that are part of the game's lore such as Jamie, Rex, Vanessa, Danny, and Ivan. Having three Advance to Next Scene symbols appear on the reels trigger As the Reels Turn 2 bonus feature, which consists of an animated cut scene and mini-game.

Origins of i-Slot Games

Rival Gaming coined the term I-Slot games a few years later after they established their company in 2004. Owned by Black Chip Ltd, they made themselves known in the industry by attending the Global Interactive Gaming Summit and Expo (GiGSE) 2006.

While they are not among the many pioneers of the online gambling industry, Rival Gaming established a strong front with their range of games including their I-Slots. I-Slots break the usual slot gameplay that only offers jackpots, multipliers, or wilds with its interactive bonus features. Players are treated to an engaging story depicted by static images and animations when they have the right symbols on the payline. Operators saw potential in their I-Slots game, leading to many signing up for their games and other services.

What Are The Best iSlots

To help you pick a good interactive slot game out of the many choices available, here is our comparison of the best i-Slots we played with.

1. As the Reels Turn

Set in a soap drama show, As the Reel Turn tells the story of love triangles and tragedies in the El Paradiso Casino. Players are treated to four different scatter symbols with different bonuses and mini-games.

One of which is the Bonus icons that trigger the Chip Counterfeiter gameplay, where players flip each authentic chip to get a cash payout while avoiding the fake chip that ends the round. Getting three or more of the Advance to Next Scene symbol triggers the animated cut scene and associated mini-game.

2. A Switch in Time

Time traveling with a love story twist and a deluge of killer dinosaurs and cyborgs is the theme of A Switch in Time. While this I-Slots game has a medium RTP of 95% that is leaning towards the house edge, A Switch in Time has a massive multiplier feature.

Players can win about 65x, 100x, 125x, 150x, 300x, 400x their bets when they trigger the free spins mode. You can get the highest possible multiplier in the game with the Wild Symbol that can reach up to 6,789X your bet.

3. Reel Crime 1: Bank Heist

In the Gangster-themed Reel Crime 1: Bank Heist slot, players aim to breach the vault while avoiding the authorities. Reel Crime 1 has four stages or modes: The Plan, In The Bank, On the Run, Dynamite. Each mode has its set of special symbols that triggers certain events or mini-games.

During The Plan, for example, three or more Tommy Gun symbols on the reels trigger the Tommy Gun Bonus Round where players attempt to find the key. Completing each stage rewards players with substantial instant cash payouts.

4. Reel Crime 2: Art Heist

Breaking away from the 50's mob theme, Reel Crime 2: Art Heist goes for a comedic approach to the crime theme with a Spy vs. Spy style. Reel Crime 2 also has different stages or modes: The Plan, The Tools, The Getaway, The Painting, and Beach of Bastille.

High payout opportunities are present in each stage. In The Painting feature, for example, players need to find four correct paintings out of 12 possible choices with their rewards intact when they get the right one on the first few picks.

5. Spy Game

International intrigue is the name of the game in Spy Game. In this Bondesque I-Slots game, having three or more Pistol symbols on the screen triggers the slots bonus feature.

Players get 10 free spins during the bonus mode and a 4x multiplier on any match they make. Also, you can reach the special bonus round when you have the Hook, Car, and Jet symbols appear together on the bonus feature.

How Do iSlots Work

Two components are essential amongst popular I-Slots games:

  • storylines, and
  • mini-games.

Both features keep you engaged throughout the game as well as encouraging you to keep spinning the reels to reach the last stage and profitable bonus features.


An I-Slots game's main feature is its story. Each game has a specific theme and recognizable characters such as the romantic comedy genre of As the Reels Turn or the gangster drama of Reel Crime 1. Immediately upon loading the game, you are treated to an intro animation of the slot's story. Much of the plot and characters are also introduced before spinning the reels.

How can a player experience the story through a slot game? You simply achieve a specific condition such as having special symbols line up on a payline or have them appear on the reels.

Mini Games

Upon triggering the main feature, players watch a short animation of the current story progress and move to a mini-game section. In the case of Reel Crime 1 for example, finishing the Tommy Gun Bonus Round by finding the key triggers the Scene: In the Bank. Players need to match three or more vault symbols a set number of times to open the vault and advance the story again.

Continuously completing the mini-game allow the players to progress the I-Slots' stages. Each stage provides you with various features such as bet multipliers and free spins. Stages in certain games also have a win and fail condition. In certain interactive slot games, a specific mode may require players to land specific symbols on the reels a number of times to complete the stage.

i-slots gameplay
Interactive Slots - a Special & Unique Gameplay

i-Slots vs Regular Slots

What is so different between regular slots and i-Slots? Let's compare both types of slots in further detail.


While slots have gone a long way from just having fruits, sevens, or bells on their reels, most of them offer a straightforward experience: spin the reels and hope to match the high paying symbols. I-Slots games make the players invested in the game by having them play out scenarios that are influenced by their luck and choices. Credits or money spent to progress the games are rewarded heavily when you reach the end of a story branch.


Most I-Slots offer a medium return to player (RTP) rate where you can expect a decent return on your bets when played for a while. Cosmic Quest 2: Mystery Planets offer the best possible RTP of 98.95%, which features an expanding Wilds symbol that covers an entire reel. Traditional slots have the same RTP where games with the same high-payout features as Cosmic Quest 2 Popular I-Slots tend to have an RTP range of 95% to 98%.

slots RTP rate
Definition of slots RTP rate.


Given the features of an I-Slots game, its volatility is around the medium to low range. While many regular slots have higher volatility that favors the player more, they have significantly low-profit opportunities for the player. On the other hand, I-Slots games have better rewards despite the house having a slight edge. Continuously spinning the reels or progressing the story branch upon completion will open the doors to high instant cash payouts or robust free spins mode.  


What makes slots fun? Is it the anticipation of a big payout from matching high-valued symbols or getting free spins? A majority of regular slots share the same experience, which tends to be a monotonous one unless a player gets the highest possible payout. I-Slots aims to improve the experience by giving players engaging content on top of the bonus features that lead to better payouts. Also, certain I-Slots have skill-based mini-games that let you use your natural dexterity and hand-eye coordination to get a large cash prize.  


You can find I-Slots games on any Rival Gaming Software powered casinos, which is limited only to a few licensed sites. In regards to availability, regular slot games have the advantage since a majority of them are available to most jurisdictions.

Pros & Cons of i-Slots

Advantages to playing online i-Slots:

  • Interactive story segments that break the monotony of spinning the reels for a long time.
  • Medium variance rate that results in better payout for extended periods of playing.
  • Certain mini-games are skill-based, giving players a better chance of winning.
  • High RTP rate for many I-Slots games that give players large returns for prolonged playing.
  • A large variety of I-Slots games themes, stories, and bonus features.
  • Rich in high-payout features such as wild reels, bet multipliers, and free spins mode.

Disadvantages to playing online i-Slots:

  • Dated graphics, dialogues, and animation of the story cut scenes.
  • Low availability of Rival Powered casinos among different gambling jurisdictions.
  • Certain slots offer a better variance rate than any I-Slots games for consistent payouts.
  • High payout rewards require a large bet or numerous spins to reach or trigger.
i-slots bonus features
i-Slots often offer a wealth of bonus features.

i-Slots FAQ

Answers to the most popular questions about adventure and interactive slots.

What are online i-slots?

I-Slots are online slots with a progressive story feature told through cut scenes. Players move the story forward by having three or more special symbols appear on the screen. Along with the cut scene, players are also treated with bonus features that offer free spins or instant cash outs.  

Are iSlots more difficult than standard slot games?

In regards to bonus features, I-Slots are on par with regular slot games in regards to difficulty or chances of profiting out of your bet. Popular I-Slots games such as Reel Crime 2 have a medium variance that leans towards the house. However, payout opportunities are high for these online slots.

How to win at interactive slots?

You can break the RNG wall and get the best possible payouts with your physical capabilities on certain I-Slots with skill-based mini-games. A good example of this is the Cosmic Quest 2 Rocket Racer feature where you guide the character through a lunar passage.

Where to play i-slots online?

Rival Powered casinos such as Bovada are some of the sites that host I-Slots games. Other casinos that offer I-Slots games include VideoSlots that has games from a wide range of software providers. King Billy also has a good selection of I-Slots games and a hefty welcome bonus.

What game developers offer islots?

When it comes to I-Slots, Rival Gaming coined the term and is known for making this type of online slots. Many software providers have also incorporated stories to their online slots such as Betsoft. In their WhoSpunIt slot, for example, the game has a 3D animated cut scene followed by a mini-game themed after a murder mystery story.

I-Slots break the mold of traditional slot games with its interactive story and interesting mini-games. Players are treated to an engaging cut-scene and high payout potential when triggering any I-Slots main features.