Betway Review

Betway is a growing brand in the US markets for real money online gambling and as a solid sportsbook. Betway is entering more and more states which makes it a force to be reckoned with.

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What We Love

  • Same-Game Parlays
  • Betway Boosters
  • Risk-Free Bets
  • eSports Betting Markets
  • Smooth Mobile App
  • PayPal Support

What We Dislike

  • No Live Dealer Tables

Bonus Codes & Offers

Betway promo codes and welcome bonuses are the best way to open up an account with Betway and start placing bets. These offers provide extra credits that can go a long way when you gamble responsibly.

Risk-Free Bets

Every new Betway bettor can take a shot at the riskiest wagers on the US sportsbook site and not worry about losing money with the Risk-Free Bet Welcome Offer up to $250. This promotion works by taking a wager with betting odds of at least -300 or 1.33 and a stake of around $1 to $250. Should you lose this wager, you will receive your stake back within 24 hours.

It is important to note that this promotion is only open to US bettors who verified their accounts. You must also deposit at least $10 to qualify for the Risk-Free Bet offer. Stakes you get back are treated as in-house credits that need to be wagered before you can cash them out. Your risk-free bets also have a 7-day expiration period where any unused credit is removed from your account within a week after you get back your stake.

Deposit Match Bonus

Betway double the chances of new players getting a large payout with a Casino Welcome Bonus of up to $250. This offer is a 100% deposit match bonus that doubles the amount of your deposit. If you deposit $200 for example, you will get an additional $200 of in-house casino credit you can use on Betway online slots, table games, and other titles.

To cash out your Betway casino bonus, you need to wager the amount about 30x on qualifying games. If you got a $100 of in-house credit, for example, you need to wager this up to $3,000. It is important to note that any non-slot and non-scratch games do not provide 100% of the wagering requirement. Blackjack and video pokers only give 2% of the wagering amount while baccarat and craps will not contribute any amount to the requirement.

Betway Casino

Betway Casino App

Open to only a few states, Betway Casino offers a large library of online slots, table games, and other instant online games.


You can enjoy instant gameplay and payouts with Betway online slots. There are slots from Scientific Gaming, IGT, and NetEnt, three popular iGaming software providers within the industry.

Variety is the key to Betway slots' RTP and volatility with titles such as Dancing Drums and Raging Rhino Rampage offering different risk-vs-reward rates. There are also slots with unique gameplay such as Double Stacks where a single symbol can count as two when you trigger the special feature.

Whether you want a high-reward/high-reward game or one with features, you can a specific slot that fits your preference. Betway also has slots based on popular TV shows, movies, music artists, and games. You have the likes of Jumanji Video Slot with its gameplay copying the movie's board game mechanic. Another example is the Price is Right game from IGT which has bonus mini-games that mimic the same unique segments of the TV game show such as Cliff Hangers and Plinko.

Video Poker

Video poker is a fast-paced single-player version of the five-card draw, which involves making a hand out of five cards. In each game, you can change one to five of your cards or hold onto all of them. Payouts in video poker depend on the hand you form with valuable ones earning you bigger cash prizes.

Betway has a wide range of video poker variants that have different rules to make this casino title feel fresh. There are Deuces & Joker Wild where both the joker and 2 cards can substitute other cards. Another example is Ten Play Draw Poker which lets you play 10 hands within one round.


While most slots are about doubling or quadrupling your initial bankroll, jackpot online slots are all about giving you a chance at walking home with a small fortune. Betway Jackpot page is dedicated to special slots with massive payouts.

There are two kinds of jackpot available here: fixed and progressive payouts. Fixed jackpots have a pre-determined payout and slightly better odds of you winning it than progressive slots. Divine Fortune is one example of this type of jackpot slot with a bonus game that lets you win one of three massive cash prizes by filling one to three rows with gold coins.

On the other hand, there are progressive slots such as Jackpot Shores where its highest payout is collected from players' wagers across the globe. Lucky players who trigger the Wheel Bonus feature and reach the center can walk home with more than $100,000. Unlike fixed jackpots, the odds of winning the highest payout are incredibly slim.


Betway roulette games are the digital version of the casino staple table game. Your goal is to get a bet that will include the winning number of a game. There is a wide range of bets you can place inside or outside the rows of numbers. Outside bets include red or black, odds or evens, and dozens while inside wagers include the high-risk and high-payout straight.

This popular US online casino has different digital roulette variants such as French Roulette which provides a unique betting table and wagering rules. You can also find the European roulette variant that uses only one 0 square, which slightly boosts the player's edge against the house.


In blackjack, you are playing against a digital croupier with a goal of getting a hand value close to 21 or having a better score than the dealer. Players have the option to draw one or more cards to improve the value of their hand in each game while taking a risk of going bust or getting a score of 22 or more.

Betway blackjack games include exciting variants with special rules such as Blackjack With Surrender. Surrendering is a unique option that lets you take back half of your stake if you think you are going to lose. Other interesting variants include the Multihand Blackjack which lets you play more than one hand in a single round.

Betway Sports Betting

Betway Sportsbook

When a major game is coming, betting on Betway is the way to go with their vast number of sports markets and wager opportunities.

Below are the main features of the Betway sports betting section.

Markets & Odds

From basketball to football, Betway covers nearly all popular US sports games on their sites such as the NBA Playoffs, NHL Winter Classic, and NFL Playoffs. Are you a fan of foreign soccer events? Betway covers the Premier League, La Liga, Serie A, MLS, Champions League, and much more. NASCAR races are also available for anyone who wants an alternative to the usual sports matches.

All the common sports wagers are available on most Betway betting markets such as money, spread, and totals. A money line is the most used wager that involves predicting which team or player will win the game. Totals (over/under) are about guessing the combined score of both teams or players while the spread is a bet on the team or player's score at the end of a match.

In-Play Betting

Traditional wagers usually occur hours before a game occurs. With Betway's in-play betting, you can place wagers during the middle of a match. While this feature may seem like a last-minute window for bettors to back their favorite team, live betting provides several opportunities for those who made a wager before the game. When the team you backed is doing well than their opponents in the middle of a match, you can increase your wager on the ones you bet on with the in-play betting feature.

One of Betway's in-play betting's notable mechanics is the live odds that are constantly changing to reflect what is happing during the match. If a favorite becomes visibly fatigued during the second period, for example, the odds will shift in favor of the opponent. You can use this to your advantage by placing a wager on the favorite when the odds decreases, giving you a chance to get a better payout.


Sports betting sites have incredibly low odds underdog bets that are less likely to win, but will reward you more than a hundred times your wager should the impossible happen. Parlay bets take those spectacular odds and make them winnable by turning three or more wagers into one. You can make this kind of bet by clicking on the money line, totals, spreads, and other types of bets, adding them to your Betway parlay builder slip.

What makes a parlay bet risky is the requirement of winning every leg in your ticket to get a payout. This is why the odds go down each time you add a leg to your wager. However, your cash prize also increases with each leg you include in your ticket.

Betway teasers are another type of parlay wager you can make on the site, which involves exchanging or adjusting the points on spreads and totals wagers. Teaser bets provide a customized wager that has a better chance of winning, but with a low return.

Prop Bets

All three of the usual sports wagers are about the winning team and the final score. Betway prop bets are about predicting the various outcomes of a sports match. Most of the common bets tend to be based on the totals of specific players. One example is a bet on whether Kevin Durant's overall score at the end of a game.

A majority of prop bets tend to be specific for the sports such as the number of touchdowns Aaron Rodgers can make during the semi-finals of the NFL Playoffs. Another is the total number of goal shots attempted in one NHL game by both teams. There are even bets on specific scores for a tennis match as well as whether a game will go into a deuce for tennis matches.


eSports is a competition between professional players for popular digital games such as CS:GO, DOTA, Overwatch, LOL, StarCraft II, and Valorant. Matches in these digital arenas have far more interesting objectives that cannot be replicated in real life. These objectives include occupying zones within a specific period while preventing the opposing teams from capturing the zones or moving a giant ball to a goal post with cars.

Wagers among Betway eSports matches include match winners, handicaps, and totals, making them accessible for bettors who never heard of FPS or MOBA games. For fans of eSports games, there are prop bets that are unique for these titles. There are wagers on which of the player on any participating team will score the first frag in a CS:GO match or which DOTA hero a pro player will pick for the International Finals. On top of the variety of wagers is Betway in-play betting for popular eSports tournaments such as the Elite Series and ESL Masters.

Horse Racing

Through its sports betting section, Betway has a robust horse racing market on the platform. You can find races on popular tracks across the globe such as the Worcester, Catterick, and Wolverhampton in the UK. In addition, races you have a stake in are broadcasted on Betway's website. You can even catch a live stream of the horse races on the Betway mobile app.

All of the horse race markets on Betway have outright wagers with the most popular ones as straight bets on the race winners. You can find low-risk odds here such as the top 2 finishers of the race. Other outright wagers available include jockeys who will ride two or three times as well as the number of favorites who will win on a specific day.

Currently, Betway horse racing is not yet available to US bettors. However, high market demand among several sports betting states may convince the operators to open the doors to their horse book market.

Betway Poker App

Betway Poker

On Betway, poker is part of the casino experience. Therefore, do not expect a separate download or application for playing poker games.

Betway online casino comes with various games that break the norm such as their table poker games. These single-player poker variants create unique rules that lead to interesting gameplay. Let it Ride is one example that combines Texas Hold'em and video poker. Your payout depends on the hand you form and you get a chance to increase your stake on each of three betting rounds of a single game.

Ultimate Texas Hold'Em is another example of a unique Betway table poker game. In this poker variant, there are four betting rounds, two hole cards, and five community cards. There are four betting rounds with each one revealing the hole and community cards. Each of these rounds provides you with an opportunity to increase your stake. Your goal is to have a higher stake when your hand can beat the dealer.

Betway Banking

Deposits & Withdrawals

Betway lets you top up your accounts or take home your winnings through several payment options. Below are the deposit and withdrawal services available to you when you need to move money to and from your account.

Credit Cards

Whether you need to buy groceries, gas, or a meal at a diner, credit cards are flexible payment services for any US gambling site. You can make deposits with your card, which is completed nearly instantly. After making a deposit, your cards can cover any other payments outside of Betway.

Unfortunately, Betway limits credit cards to deposits only and you cannot withdraw your money to your credit card. In addition, the US gambling site will only accept Visa, Master Card, and Discover cards.

Bank Wire

ACH or the electronic transfer of money to and from your banking account is another flexible payment method open to Betway players. This is another versatile option since most people have a bank account than credit cards or e-wallets. Deposits from your bank usually take one business day for the amount to reflect on your account wallet.

Since the payment is direct, there are little to no fees you need to worry about when withdrawing from your Betway account. This means that you will enjoy a large portion of your winnings once the transfer is complete. What makes bank wire rank lower than other payment options is how it can take one to seven business days for the transaction to complete.


PayPal and Skrill owners can make deposits to their Betway account with their e-wallet cash. This payment service acts as a convenient bridge between your credit card or bank account to Betway. You can send money from credit cards that are strict with gambling sites to your e-wallet and transfer the money to your account.

Because Betway does not support credit card withdrawal, you can transfer your winnings to your e-wallet and move the money to your card. In addition, PayPal and Skrill deposits are done instantly while withdrawals take one business day to complete.

Transaction fees are the only downside to using e-wallet services. Prepare to part with a large chunk of your winnings if you plan on withdrawing money to your PayPal or Skrill wallet.

Cage Payments

New Jersey residents have the options to top up their Betway account through the Golden Nugget Atlantic Casino cashier. You only need to have a verified account before making a deposit.

You can also withdraw your winnings through the Golden Nugget Atlantic Casino cage option. A government-issued ID such as your driver's license is usually required by the cashier before they release your money.


New Jersey residents have the options to top up their Betway account through the Golden Nugget Atlantic Casino cashier. You only need to have a verified account before making a deposit.

You can also withdraw your winnings through the Golden Nugget Atlantic Casino cage option. A government-issued ID such as your driver's license is usually required by the cashier before they release your money.

Betway Deposits

You have several ways to transfer money to your Betway account. Two of which, PayNearMe and cage, let you pay with physical cash.

Deposit MethodProcessing Time
Master CardInstant
Bank Transfer< 24 hours
Betway Deposit Methods & Time

Betway Withdrawals

With the lack of credit cards as a withdrawal option, certain Betway players will need to go through other payment services. Fortunately, players living near the Golden Nugget Atlantic Casino can withdraw their winnings in cash. Bank transfers are probably the most common and most convenient method to cash out earnings from Betway.

Withdrawal MethodProcessing Time
PayPal< 24 hours
Skrill< 24 hours
Bank Transfer1-7 business days
Cage< 15 minutes
Betway Withdrawal Methods & Time
Betway Features

Games, Features & Markets

Most of Betway's stand-out features are within their sportsbook sections. These features open the door to massive payouts on popular sports markets such as NHL and NBA games.

Betway Big Pick

Betway Big Pick is a daily fantasy sports feature that is free for US players to join. This Betway game is available through the website and a mobile app. Participants form their NFL, NBA, NHL, and MLB teams to compete in weekly games. Players can go solo in this game or be a part of a league. Lucky winners who have the most correct picks at the end of a weekly contest will qualify for a $5,000 prize pool.

Same-Game Parlay

Parlay legs usually come from different matches as a way for sportsbook operators to preserve the house edge. Betway breaks that house edge by letting you form parlays from the same game. You can add up to six legs from a single game in this US sportsbook. It is important to note that the same game parlays are only available for specific sports such as NBA and Championship League matches.

Betway Boosters

For special wagers, Betway Boosters significantly increases its price or payout. This feature is also known as an odds booster that bookies use to increase the attention of a specific market. Betway Boosters are available for money line, spread, and totals wagers of popular sports matches such as the NFL Super Bowl or La Liga Finals. There are also boosted odds during in-play betting, allowing those who hedge their bets to increase their payout. 

Betway Parlay Boosters

Parlays are exciting wagers that can reward you with an incredible payout for winning three or more wagers with just a small stake. Betway cranks that excitement to an 11 with its Parlay Boosters. Parlays with three to five legs get 5% additional winnings, ones with six to nine legs get 10% additional winnings, and ones with 10 to 20 legs get 15% additional winnings. If you win a parlay with six legs and a payout of $4,100, you get an extra $410 on top of your winnings.

It is important to note that Betway Parlay Boosters are only available for specific events or matches such as NHL Playoffs. In addition, each leg much at least has -500 odds to qualify for the additional winnings. Common sports wagers qualify for this promotion such as money line, spreads, and totals.

Betway Loyalty Club

Betway Loyalty Club is a loyalty program that rewards you with Tier Tokens every time you make a bet or play their casino games. Certain games and wagers have better Tier Contribution such as online slots and sports bets with 1.75 odds or higher. When you reach 5,000 Tier Tokens, you can trade them in for sports-free bets or casino bonuses. It is important to note that all Tier Tokens earned have a 90-day expiration period.

Betway Support

Customer Service

When anything happens to your account, money, or the website itself, Betway offers several avenues for you to help yourself or get help from a professional.


When you click on the help section, you will be presented with Betway's knowledge base page where various topics such as withdrawals, bonuses, and issues are available. Specific topics have images to provide clear instructions on how to accomplish certain actions such as using your free bets. This FAQ can eliminate the wait time you have to endure in getting your answers from an agent.

24/7 Live Chat

When you click on the help section, you will be presented with Betway's knowledge base page where various topics such as withdrawals, bonuses, and issues are available. Specific topics have images to provide clear instructions on how to accomplish certain actions such as using your free bets. This FAQ can eliminate the wait time you have to endure in getting your answers from an agent.

Ticket System

Players who prefer getting help through email can submit a ticket. This usually involves filling out a form that contains your contact information and a short message regarding your issue or question. You can also attach images or screenshots of specific errors you encounter on the site to help the support staff find a way to fix the problem. There is also an option for you to get phone support on the ticket form by entering your contact number.

Email Support

Betway's live chat and ticket system are likely limited in their capacity to help with certain issues such as the Betway VIP program. This program has a support line that is available through a specific email because of its exclusivity. Betway VIP program is only available to individuals who received an invitation from the management themselves.

Jurisdictions & States

Betway Arizona

All forms of gambling were only available among tribal casinos until Rep. Jeff Weninger and other representatives introduced HB 2772 or the Sports Betting Bill of Arizona. This bill allows Arizona residents to place wagers on professional and college sports at licensed establishments and online gambling sites. Betway Arizona is one of the Arizona Department of Gaming licensed operators that can offer sports wagers to locals.

Betway Colorado

Sports betting is legal in Colorado thanks to House Bill 1327. Because of the law allowing remote registration, licensed online sportsbooks can run within the state. It is important to note that operators such as Betway need to acquire a license through the Colorado Division of Gaming to legally offer sports betting to locals.

Betway Indiana

Indiana is strict with all types of gambling because of the Indiana Code 35-45-5. Thankfully, this changed when Gov. Eric Holcomb signed into law Indiana's sports betting bill in 2019. Indiana's sportsbook operators such as Betway can provide legal wagers within the state as long as they have the appropriate license and paperwork from the Indiana Gaming Commission.

Betway Iowa

Pari-mutuel betting, fantasy sports, riverboat casinos, and horse race betting are the forms of gambling allowed in Iowa thanks to the Iowa Code 99D and Iowa Code 99F. Both Iowa codes made it possible for residents to place moneyline bets on a Wolves or Wilds game. The Iowa Racing and Gaming Commission is responsible for regulating and licensing Iowa sports betting operators such as Betway.

Betway New Jersey

New Jersey is a pioneer for the US online gambling industry thanks to the passing of a legislature sponsored by Raymond Lesniak. Passing the bill was possible thanks to the authorization of the Casino Control Commission that was responsible for keeping legal bets within the state. This legislature allows Betway to offer both sportsbook and casino games to NJ locals.

Betway Pennsylvania

Pennsylvania's Gaming Expansion Act 42 opened the door to various forms of online gambling such as casinos, sportsbooks, and horse racing. This move aims to create a strong revenue stream and source of jobs for the state. Thanks to the signing of the act into law by Gov. Deval Patrick, Betway can offer both online casinos and sportsbooks to PA locals.

Safety, Apps & UX


Powering Betway's sportsbook and casinos sections is its iGaming software backend, which is responsible for the payments, games, security, and the many other parts of the gambling site.

Below is a detailed breakdown of the important parts of Betway's tech stack.

Security, Randomness & Fairness

Real money online casinos and sports betting sites always require encryption on its site to protect users from hackers. When you type your name, contact numbers, and credit card information into a gambling site that does not have any security layer or has a weak encryption method, hackers can easily see your data.

Fortunately, Betway is currently using Digital Gaming Corp's iGaming platform which utilizes advanced encryption technology. All user information is thoroughly encrypted to keep them safe from any criminals.

In regards to fair games, Betway has the proper license among several state gaming commissions and regulators such as the Colorado Division of Gaming. Licensed operators are required to have their games tested to ensure players have a fair shot at making money within the gambling site. As evident by the licenses Betway owns, you are assured that each casino slot and table games have the proper slot RTP and volatility.

Software & User Experience

Betway is a sportsbook gambling site first and an online casino second since it is the feature-rich section of the gambling site. With its use of the Digital Gaming Corp platform, Betway is a great place for online sports betting. You have several ways to find a game you want to bet on such as the sports categories on the left, the highlight icons at the top, and featured links on top of the category. For uncommon events such as eSports and Lacrosse games, a search function is available for you to reach those sporting markets.

For seasoned bettors who take bets based on thorough research, Betway has a statistic page for specific games you can bring out from the website or mobile app. You can find general stats such as the number of victories a team had throughout one season. There are also sports-specific data such as the total runs in a baseball game and the basket ratio shot of a basketball team.

All the common markets are presented among the usual sports matches such as your money line, spread, and totals. There are also spread alternatives and diverse future bets you can take on most games. Betway also offers several features that enhance various bettor's experiences such as Same Game Parlay that lets you include up to six legs from one match. Other features include Betway Boosts that increase the payout of specific markets.

On the other end of the spectrum is Betway's casino section, which is not as robust as its sports betting section. You can find solid online slots from popular software providers such as Divine Fortune from NetEnt and several table games from IGT. However, there is a lack of progressive slots here and no live dealer games available. Overall, Betway's casino section holds up for players looking for the usual casino experience.

Betway Website

Betway's website layout for both its sportsbook and casino section makes it easier to browse the various betting markets and games available on any browser. Sports markets are laid out front and center, allowing you to easily scan the lines of most matches without scrolling down. Large and colorful icons represent the games in the casino section, making it easy for you to spot one that interests you.

Betway Mobile

Betway has a unique sportsbook and casino mobile app for specific states, which is set to only offer certain gambling activities that are legal within each jurisdiction. Navigation around the Betway mobile app is much easier than on a large screen since all options are within reach of your thumbs. Ease of navigation applies to both the sportsbook and casino sections.


Is Betway legit?

Betway is a legitimate sports betting site owned by the Super Group holding company based in Guernsey, England. The US sports betting site is currently running under the Digital Gaming Corporation helm.

Betway can operate within areas that allow regulated and licensed operators. These areas include the US, EU, and African jurisdictions such as Malta, the UK, Brazil, and Curacao.

Is Betway safe and secure?

With the Digital Gaming Corporation platform, Betway is using the latest encryption software. This security measure hides all information you send to the site by encrypting them, making your contact number, credit card information, and other personal data unreadable to hackers.

Is Betway licensed in the United States?

In Arizona, Colorado, Indiana, Iowa, New Jersey, and Pennsylvania, Betway is a licensed online sports betting operator. This means Betway has gone through the proper licensing procedure where their gaming platform and games were tested for security and fairness.

Are there live dealer games on Betway?

Unfortunately, there are no live dealer games within Betway's casino's section. If the US gambling site manages to include Evolution Gaming, Ezugi, or Playtech on its platform, the site will have a large selection of live casinos games.

Does Betway have horse race betting?

While Betway offers horse race betting as part of their sportsbook markets, it is not available to US bettors. Horse race betting is only available to other jurisdictions such as the UK and Malta.

Can you refer a friend on Betway?

There are no referral programs or other similar promotions within the US version of Betway. Their invite-a-friend program is only available in Nigeria, Uganda, and other African countries.

Can you do teasers on Betway?

Teaser bets are possible on Betway, a feature that lets you change the points spread and over/under to your liking. It is important to note that teasers are only available before a game and in specific sports leagues.

How to deposit money from Betway?

You can top up your account with credit cards, bank transfers, e-wallets, and prepaid cards. If you want to deposit with cash, Betway also accepts payment from PayNearMe establishments.

How to withdraw money from Betway?

Withdrawals are limited to bank transfers, e-wallets, and Betway or Sightline Play+ prepaid cards. Players who live near Atlantic City can withdraw their winnings through the Golden Nugget Casino Cashier.

How to delete my Betway account?

Under the "Responsible Gaming" section of your account page is the "close account" option that lets you immediately close your account. If you happen to have funds in your account upon closing it, you can contact Betway's customer service to retrieve them.

How to switch states on Betway?

There are no options to change or switch to a specific US Betway page. You need to choose your state from their US homepage. Phone users must also select a specific Betway mobile app that is made for their state.

Company Information

Betway started as a European-centric online gambling operator that served countries such as the UK, Italy, Denmark, Spain, Germany, Malta, and Belgium. Under the helm of the Digital Gaming Corporation, the Betway brand made its way to US markets.


Betway was established in 2006 as a global online betting and gaming company. Super Group, a holding company based in Guernsey, is the brand's owner. Their goal with Betway is to create a strong online sports betting brand that is partnered with big-named leagues and groups such as the Championship League and NBA. This group is also extending its reach to non-sporting brands such as the eSports team Fnatic and Team Liquid.

Over time, Betway built strong partnerships with various brands and acquired gaming licenses from different regulators across the globe. In March 2021, Betway gathered 2.5 million actives within various countries. With the repealing of PASPA that made sports betting illegal in the US, the Super Group saw an emerging market to the west.

To enter the US market, Super Group signed a deal with Digital Gaming Corporation (DGC). DGC has the license to operate legally across several market-rich US states such as New Jersey and Iowa.

Neal Menashe, CEO of Super Group said "We have established our group as a truly global, scaled, and profitable digital gaming business, delivering on our vision to bring first-class entertainment to the worldwide betting and gaming community. This listing will position us strongly to capitalize on the significant global growth opportunities ahead ‒ including in the U.S. market."


A quick overview of the key people powering Betway behind the scenes.

Anthony Werkman, CEO

Werkman joined Betway in 2013. Before being appointed CEO in 2017, he was the company's marketing and operations director in 2015. Being a long-time veteran of the iGaming industry, Werkman has held several roles with various companies such as a digital marketing agency director.

Richard Akitt, Chairman

Akitt was the CEO of Betway since 2012 before he relinquished the role and became the company's chairman. He was responsible for co-founding WebTech Software, which flourished into a successful company. In 2000, he sold the business and entered the iGaming industry.

Damaris Galea, CFO

Galea is responsible for the finances of all Betway branches. She started as a Senior Accountant in 2009 for the company and was promoted to finance manager in 2015 before becoming the finance director.

Bob Dutnall, Advisor to the Board of Directors

Dutnall was part of the Sportingbet plc company for seven years before joining Betway in 2012. It is also worth noting that he was previously an accountant, senior finance officer, and general manager among non-iGaming companies. He was responsible for Betway developing into a global online betting powerhouse that offers a rich selection of sports markets.

Nick Shepherd, Non-Executive Director

Shepherd started his career as part of Kellogg's sales and marketing department and became vice president of Kraft Foods. He joined Betway in 2010 and was responsible for shaping Betway's brand when it launched in 2013.

Lord St. John of Bletso, Advisor to the Board of Directors

Lord St. John is an independent Member of the House of Lords since 1978. He has served as a director for various industries such as telecommunications, financial services, manufacturing, and IT. While he is the Advisor to the Board of Directors, Lord St. John is also the chairman and trustee of nine different charities.